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Alabama all-time Interception leader to be inducted into CFB Hall of Fame

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The National Football Foundation announced Antonio Langham as a member of the 2024 College Football Hall of Fame class on Wednesday.

Langham is from Town Creek, Alabama. He played at Alabama from 1990-1993, helping lead the Crimson Tide to a 1992 national championship. He possessed unique speed and instincts as a cornerback. These traits resulted in 19 interceptions during his career in Tuscaloosa, which is an Alabama defensive record and just 2nd all time in SEC conference history in that department.

The former Alabama defensive back also won the Jim Thorpe Award and Jack Tatum Trophy in 1993, honoring the best defensive back in the nation. He was later drafted ninth overall in the first round of the 1994 draft by the Cleveland Browns and went on to win NFL Rookie of the year honors.

Langham went on to play 7 seasons in the NFL before retiring in 2000. He now resides in Fairfield, Alabama as the defensive backs at Miles College.

The Alabama native will join college football immortals as the 27th Crimson Tide player inducted to the College Football Hall Of Fame on Dec.10 at the Bellagio & Casino in Las Vegas.

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