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18/06/2019 9:13 am  

Terrell Lewis .... he was my guy until he got injured then I had to pick another guy... Wilson. BTW Wilson left too early. But Lewis is healthy and ready and I believe we have a very good defense this year barring injury. We can dominate up front and that's what we lacked last year. It wasn’t the same old Bama D that we have been used to. Sure our offense will be great again and with the run game in full mode, like old Bama, we will use more clock and wear down the opponent.... like old Bama did!!!! We are so loaded at so many key positions we should do very well this year. Not to mention I believe our coaching staff is the biggest upgrade . I still say coaching was our biggest weakness last season. Look up Bama peeps... number 18 is coming!🏈🏆🏈🏆🏈😩🐘🐘🐘

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