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For You Worry Warts About the Iron Bowl

For Alabama fans, expect a lot of scoring, most of it from Alabama.

For You Worry Warts About the Iron Bowl

By: Larry Burton


There are some things Auburn can worry the Alabama fans with. Their offense has been clicking along doing alright, at least with the rushing offense.

But there are some things that should make Alabama fans rest comfortably in the few days that precede the Iron Bowl. And the majority of those things involve the defense, or more specifically, the lack there of in Auburn’s case.


Passing Defense

Ranking                        Total Yds     Per Game Ydg  TD’s Given Up

Alabama      No. 7             1,899            172.6                    7

Auburn        No. 100        2,803             254.8                   20
Can you say AJ helps his Heisman hopes in this game….?????? Can you say 80% of all football teams in Division One are better than Auburn in pass defense? Teams that suck are above Auburn, they rank in the abysmal category.


Rushing Defense


                  Ranking      Total Yds     Per Game Ydg   TD’s Given Up

Alabama     No. 4            1004              91                        5

Auburn        No. 53          1685             153                      16


If Saban splits the reps equally, Alabama may have TWO running backs getting 100+ yards in this game. This means Alabama can play their game of long drives and clock killing scoring opportunities while Auburn’s offense watches from the sidelines. It means Alabama can take Auburn’s offense out of their game forcing them to throw more than they’re comfortable to.

They give up THREE times more passing TD’s and THREE times more rushing TD’s than Alabama.

Bama by 20 or at least THREE touchdowns…

Larry is an award winning writer whose work has appeared in almost every college football venue. Now he primarily writes for Touchdown Alabama Magazine. Follow him on Twitter at

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