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Larry’s Losers in the SEC – Week 4

And with almost one fourth of the games gone, we still don’t know much about how things will look at season’s end.

We thought Georgia would finally be the big Dogs in the East and that South Carolina was already done for the year and over rated, but it just goes to show you that history is the best rule of thumb in the SEC. The Old Ball Coach seems to always have Georgia’s number and Mark’s Mutts in red clay country always fall on their face when it matters.

The pigskin pickin’ pooch and I both talked this over and still went the other way and that was our sole loss of the week last week.

But this week, Alabama finally gets tested as does Auburn and LSU, so at least the muddy waters will begin to clear up a bit for some of the teams after this week, so let’s just jump right in and this week go by broadcast date. Sorry for the lack of formatting and pictures this week as I’m on a cruise ship with a very bad internet connection and I can’t get this page formatted as usual.

Auburn at Kansas State – There’s going to be a Cat fight in Kansas this Thursday night and it will tell both teams just where they are after this one.

Auburn’s Gus Malzhan is looking to bamboozle the boys in Kansas Cat country with that fast paced who’s got it offense and come back home with his Toomer’s Tabbies enjoying a good victory.

The fur could fly in this one and though Auburn is a nine point favorite, we don’t see that. In the end, Tigers trump Wildcats and it could be a blowout. Larry’s loser – Kansas State

Troy at Georgia – The Spartans from Troy travel to tussle between the hedges in Athens with a down and out Dog and hope to catch them licking their wounds from the powerful pullet pecking they got last week.

But the red clay Hounds are out to prove that they can not only still run with the big dogs, but may in fact be the big dog, so the Spartan’s slinging swords won’t sway the Bulldogs from snarling and snapping in this one.

So it won’t matter how valiant the men from Troy try to fight, this was is over as soon as the opening whistle is blown. In a blowout – Larry’s loser – Troy

Texas A&M at SMU – The pitiful Ponies of the prairie partake to put a painful party on the Aggies from across state.

But coach Kevin knows that if June Jones jokers can’t beat the terrible teams they’ve tussled with that they don’t stand a chance of aggravating his Aggies

To say this one’s gonna be ugly is doing a disservice to the ugly. Larry’s Loser – SMU

Florida at Alabama – Muschamp’s mud Lizards travel to Tuscaloosa to take on the tusked ones and they’re hoping that Alabama has been reading all their headlines and don’t take these Gators as seriously as they should.

But Nick Saban will seriously stand and say that Slippery Rock could sink his season, so he’s not about to overlook this gaggle of Gators, especially with that dangerous defense.

The boys in Vegas see this as more than a two touchdown win for the Tide, but the Pug and I both see this as a good old fashioned SEC battle that could be a close fought game that the Tide squeaks out. Larry’s loser – Florida

Indiana at Missouri – The Hoosiers take a hike down to Missouri to take on the Tigers and hope to sully the SEC’s team and bring home a little Big 10 pride to a conference that’s reeling.

But Pinkel’s Pussycats won’t partake in that particular program and instead put a beat down on the Big Teners that will only add woe to the woebegone warriors.

The boys in Vegas see it as a 17 point win for the Tigers, but Bacardi the Wonder Dog assures me that this one is a much bigger blowout. Larry’s loser – Indiana

Northern Illinois at Arkansas – Last week we warned anyone who would listen that the worst team in the SEC West would whip any second best Big 12 team and they did in fact make the boys in Vegas look bad by blowing out Texas Tech.

Now Northern Illinois brings their Bow Wow boys down to Little Rock with hopes of proving that they can play with any team from the SEC.

These Hogs are enjoying the roll they’re on and they aren’t about to let this pack of pooches from Yankee land come in and sour their season just yet. In a romp, Larry’s loser – Northern Illinois

Mississippi State at LSU – Both these teams have had success so far in this season and for one of these teams, this is the week where reality sets in.

Dan’s Doggies are hoping that they will wind up howling at the moon after this nighttime tussle with the Bayou Bengals ends with a miracle for the mutts.

But Les Miles usually eats grass and kicks ass in these nighttime nightmares for visiting teams and this one shouldn’t be an exception. While it could be close for a while, the Tigers should triumph yet again. Larry’s loser – Mississippi State

South Carolina at Vanderbilt – Those Carolina Cluckers flap over to Nashville to take on the troubled Commodores of song city for a rare nighttime pecking party.

Now Vanderbilt has run the course of being a good team to back to being a bad team all season long. But the Chickens have gone from laying an egg to laying a licking on one of the best teams in the nation, leaving us to wonder if they’re a top team or not.

And while the jury may still be out on that for a while, they won’t have to be a top team to triumph over these terrible troop of Tennesseans. Larry’s loser – Vanderbilt

Well that’s it for this week folks. I’ve been in long distance communication with the pigskin pickin’ pooch as he parties in Ft. Lauderdale while the wife and I are cruising the Caribbean. Next week old Bacardi and I will be reunited, but will be writing from the land of the mighty mouse in Orlando.

Now the only thing that makes a good vacation better is doing it while still practicing perfection in prognostication, so we hope we have fulfilled that with this week’s picks.

Till next week when we really start the season with lots more SEC clashes, we wish you a great weekend of war with your weary warriors and may your favorite team not wind up in woe.trong>Larry’s Losers in the SEC – Week 4

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