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Jamey Mosley Alabama Crimson Tide

Since Nick Saban arrived at The University of Alabama in 2007, he made it his mission from day one to actively recruit the best players not only in the state, but nationally. Typically, recruiting sites such as Rivals, Scout, ESPN, and others use certain metrics to determine one’s ranking. The system that is used is a five point star rating scale where five gold stars equates to the cream of the crop in terms of the nation’s most elite prospects. Since 2008, Saban and the Tide have ranked No. 1 almost every year and the number of five star players have assisted in three national championship seasons.

What sometimes gets lost are those players who may not traditionally fit the mold of what these sites consider a five star talent, but coaches tend to hold more stock into these guys for building their teams into championship caliber squads.

If you’ve never heard of the name Jamey Mosley, it’s because he flew largely under the radar during high school as a quarterback/linebacker for Theodore High School. If you have heard of him, you may recognize that he’s the younger brother of former Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley who currently stars for the Baltimore Ravens.

The younger Mosley and his older brother differ in many ways as it pertains to their athletic careers. While C.J. was always thought of to be a sure potential in-state star, Jamey took a little time to develop and grow into the player he is today. As a ninth grader, Jamey was a scrawny, yet scrappy 6-foot-tall 150 pound soaking wet linebacker. A far cry from his brother’s reported 190 pounds at the same age. Personality wise, the two are almost night and day. C.J. as described by his mother Tracy, is more laid back and reserved like her while Jamey is more outgoing and vocal like his father Clint Sr.

Where the two are similar the most is their character. Ask any former coach, teacher, and staff member about Jamey and it’s possible they may not get through their first sentence without their lip quivering or eyes swelling with emotion as they speak about the kind of person he was. Jamey, as described by one former teacher, can immediately turn a bad day into one looking forward to happening because they knew he was apart of their daily class schedule. A constant “yes sir/no sir, yes ma’am/no ma’am” guy, the qualities he embodies are what separated him from other teenagers, and continue to this day.

Coaches rave about his leadership and the affect he has on his teammates. He’s the kind of person players trust and listen to. He’s not a follower, but more so a leader who embraces the opportunity to lead others — setting the example along the way.

With the recent issues the Tide has had with some of their players, Jamey is exactly the caliber of player Saban appreciates. Walk-ons rarely get the recognition they deserve, even as a preferred one such as Jamey, they largely go unnoticed and unheard.

What these agencies fail to include in their player assessments is how much character plays into the evaluation process. While Jamey may not have had the ideal measurables for a linebacker as a senior at 6-foot-4 and 190 pounds; his leadership, respectfulness, courteousness, and dedication make him much more valuable. Most sites rated him as a two-star prospect. He had several offers from division one programs, mostly in non power conferences, however; as a two star prospect in terms of skill, he was at least a ten star prospect due to the other attributes mentioned.

His mother has mentioned how blessed she is to have two sons that so many people speak highly about. As a regular substitute teacher at Theodore, it seems almost routine that somebody, be it a student, teacher, faculty, or staff member makes it their business to tell them how wonderful a job her and her husband did by raising two of the finest boys to grace the hallways of the school. As a parent myself, nothing is more gratifying hearing from others how well behaved and wonderful your children are. How they treat people outside of your presence is the true testament of values reinforced in the home manifesting itself on a daily basis.

Now, as a redshirt freshman for the Tide, Jamey has blossomed from the scrawny 6-foot boy to a 6-foot-5 225 pound young man seeking to earn a spot in some fashion this year.

On a roster filled with blue chip athletes and five star status, Jamey stands out on his own and deserves to be mentioned in that same breath. He may not have had the hype some had coming out of high school nationwide, but he certainly has the support from those who matter most. To them, he’s the real five star, and Tide fans will soon see for themselves.

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