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Deonte Brown

Position: Offensive Guard

Committed: 4/29/2015

Hometown: Decatur, AL

TDAL Star Rating: 4

Height: 6’4” Weight: 340 lbs.

Athletic Measurables

Deonte Brown, the number three offensive guard in the nation according to ESPN, is a massive human being and easily the most intimidating presence on the field. He takes up a lot of space on the line and just from the look of him, I guarantee a lot of opponents did not look forward to facing him. He has the perfect frame to come to Tuscaloosa and play guard right now, and that’s as a junior in high school. Not that it is absolutely necessary, but if Brown were to subsequently put on ten pounds, he could be a starter right off the bat.

Instincts & Technique

Brown has pretty good instincts on the line, especially off of the snap. He has a good quick hop, helping him attack defenders upfield quickly. Brown is a high energy player, and he has a great motor. You will almost always see him blocking his man until the whistle blows, which could help him at the next level when added with his monster-like strength and fluid movement, pancaking guys on almost every play. He brings a certain violence to his game that is just fun to watch, you can tell he always looking to bring the boom, especially on pull blocks.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Brown’s biggest strength is his violent play. He always wants to knock guys over and make the big block. He moves really well for 340 pounds, making him a force on pull blocks and even when he is lined up at tackle sometimes.

Weaknesses: His biggest strength, could be his biggest weakness though because although he does bring that great violence to his game, it can also hurt him. Brown doesn’t seem to get to the next level as much as he should and if he does, he misses his block because he’s trying to get that big hit and not placing his hands inside and just creating a hole. This is coachable and I am sure it will be worked on before and when he gets to Tuscaloosa.

Reminds Me Of: 

Deonte Brown has a lot of talent that will undoubtedly be used in Alabama, he may weigh a bit more than Chance Warmack, but their violent play style, smooth movement, and high energy and attitude remind me a lot of Warmack in his Alabama days.


Justin Wagner is the Lead Recruiting Analyst for Touchdown Alabama Magazine,  Follow him on Twitter, at @jwag718 as well as Touchdown Alabama’s Recruiting Twitter @tdarecruiting.

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