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What does social medial and Bob Dylan have to do with football?

Both aspects preceded new Southeastern Conference commissioner Greg Sankey Monday, as he took the podium to express his concerns for the future of the conference.

From the moment Commissioner Sankey debuted his new twitter handle, change became evident. He insured that the focus of the 2015 SEC media days would not be limited to on the field evaluation. Sankey made sure that student-athletes would be rewarded both on and off the field.

The new era will ensure that the growth of the best conference in college football will continue. Sankey discussed the 10th anniversary of SECU Academic Initiative which focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship to ensure that the educational aspect is not forgotten.

Commissioner Sankey also emphasized the importance of every team in the SEC, from College Station to Lexington. He insured SEC fans that every team in the conference will work together to insure that all the success continues.

If anyone was concerned about the well-being of this conference adjusting a new leader for the first time since 2002, the questions were answered when Sankey opened his mouth.

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