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Webster’s Dictionary defines a dynasty as “a team that is powerful or successful for a long time.” What are the expectations for any college football program in America? To win, of course. How do we define the end of a dynasty? When is a college football team no longer “powerful” or “successful”?

Prior to Nick Saban‘s arrival at the Capstone in 2007, the Alabama Crimson Tide had been 43-43 (16 Victories Vacated) the previous 9 years. Since Saban’s arrival, Alabama has been 86-17 (7 Victories Vacated).  During Saban’s tenure in Tuscaloosa, the Tide has produced seven 10-plus win seasons out of Saban’s eight years as head coach.

Remember the loss to Lousiana-Monroe in 2007? The ceiling was falling then, also, remember?

Now, after the Crimson Tide falls in defeat to a top-ranked Ole Miss Rebels team, skeptics are writing off Saban and his troops, which is a risky decision on their part. If ever the ‘Bama faithful should rally around their team, now is the time. Sure, there are unconfirmed “rumors” of Saban’s departure, as there has been nearly every season since he has been the head coach at Alabama.

Was it the loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes in the playoff finals of the 2014 season that decided the Crimson Tide was on the decline? What about the come-from-behind victories the Tide has delivered to its fans?

In a society which demands instant results without compromise, the Crimson Tide has consistently delivered winning seasons to its fans. Does one loss mean the dynasty is over? What are your demands for the Crimson Tide?

Adam Davis is a Columnist for Touchdown Alabama. You can follow him on Twitter, @AdamDavisWriter, “Like” him on Facebook, or add him to your network on Google.  Adam also writes for The Huffington Post as well as his own site

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