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Coach Saban spoke to the media following the Crimson Tide’s Wednesday practice. Saban touched on topics such as Arkansas QB Brandon Allen, Alabama RG Alphonse Taylor, and much more.

Coach Saban opening statement

“Things are going okay. The biggest challenge for this week is the challenge to maintain intensity.Good is the enemy of great and I think that it is a standard, and you have to meet that standard every week to be consistent”

  • On Arkansas QB Brandon Allen: “He’s a good passer, he’s accurate and can extend plays and make the throws. I think he has gotten better each year.
  • On having 10 coaches on staff: “I think it would be a great asset for the players and the staff. Maybe one day that will be the case where we can have 9 separate position coaches and a designated special teams coach.”
  • On Arkansas: “They don’t make a lot of mistakes, they don’t turn the ball over a lot. You really have to be able to possess the ball against them.”
  • On Alphonse Taylor and his Improvement: “Shank has gotten better and better since he’s been here. That starts with his maturity, his approach and how he prepares each week. He is a physical run blocker and loves the game.
  • On Adam Griffith:“He has done a great job on kickoffs and placing the ball where we want it placed.”
  • On Arkansas’ Offensive Line: “They work in a six man protection a lot which makes things difficult but you have to pick your spots and execute.”
  • Coach Saban also stated that he considers Arkansas to be a top-10 caliber team. “Arkansas was up late on Texas A&M, who is a top 10 team and they needed a late comeback and OT to beat them.”
  • Saban also stated that senior center Ryan Kelly and Ross Pierschbacher (which sounds like “Ross Pierschbaker”) have been the two most consistent lineman this season.

Justin Wagner is the Scouting Coordinator for Touchdown Alabama Magazine, you can follow him on Twitter, at @jwag718

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