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Have we seen the best of Bo?

Cedric Mason- Touchdown Alabama Magazine

Alabama fans thought they would have a Bo that would rival the one who shined at Auburn. Up to this point, Bo Scarbrough’s performances have been mediocre.

Week one, Bo touched the ball 11 times. He rushed for 36 yards and a score. Week two, five rushes, 19 yards, and one touchdown. This past weekend at Ole Miss, the sophomore for Northport, Ala. touched the ball seven times, rushed for 11 yards, scored once and had a fumble that was recovered by lineman, Bradley Bozeman.

Scarbrough’s one yard touch down runs are reminiscent of a fullback’s. He’s been best in short yardage situations. For a player once set to be the fill in for Derrick Henry, this is disappointing. Nick Saban has come to Bo’s defense, when he said that the media and fans set expectations too high for the young running back. It’s causing “anxiety” for Bo.

At first glance, it’s easy to argue with Saban. Anxiety? This kid was supposed to be the next “great one” at Bama. He’s a monster. He’s a high school legend. Why isn’t he producing?

But, take a step back and look at Derrick Henry. He didn’t become the Heisman winner we all know over night. It took time. He developed a full set of tools a running back needs to dominate. Bo, like Henry once did, doesn’t realize yet that he can’t overpower defenders with size. It’s not high school.

At one point, Scarbrough was a 20/1 favorite to win the Heisman. Now, he’s part of a tandem of running backs who are all doing their best to contribute for the Crimson Tide. Bo is a far cry from the Heisman candidate that he was pegged to be, but not all is lost. He’s still scoring touchdowns, he’s still big and he’s still a high school legend. Maybe he hasn’t peaked just yet. Just wait. One big breakout game and fans may jump back on the Bo Scarbrough hype train. Until then, he’ll have to keep making those fullback like touchdown runs, blocks and use what he knows best – his size – to help Alabama win games.

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