Hakeem Beamon Sets Commitment Date

photo courtesy of Hakeem Beamon's Twitter Account

Hakeem Beamon has officially announced his commitment date for June 16 and Alabama is most definitely in the mix.  He talked with yours truly about setting his commitment date and where Alabama currently stands.

Alabama is one of the four schools Beamon is going to consider. Fortunately for the Tide, they will get the last visit before Beamon makes his decision.

“I go to Alabama camp on the 9th and basically if things go well, I might have to make my decision,” Beamon said. “I will inform the coaches on my decision on the 10th and announce my commitment on the 16th.”

The Crimson Tide offered Beamon in January and have been able to build a relationship with him since then. There are many things that Beamon likes about Alabama.

“I like Saban’s philosophy of the game and the way that their players think,” Beamon added. “They are a really great program that expects their players to play to a certain standard.”

Alabama has remained in contact with Beamon throughout this process as he has constantly talked to the Tide’s defensive coordinator, Tosh Lupoi and Alabama’s wideout coach, Josh Gattis. He has just recently met the Tide defensive line coach, Craig Kuligowski . Beamon expressed that all of their communication has been good.

The Tide will have to battle it out with some big names to get this impressive talent as he is also taking a close look at Penn State, Ohio State and South Carolina.

Whoever gets Beamon is getting a guy with a ton of talent. He is a very aggressive defensive lineman that scratches and claws his way to the football. He is also a violent tacker that imposes his will on ball carriers.

Alabama fans should definitely be on alert for this guy as he has big plans for when he steps on the campus of his choice.

“I want to be remembered as someone that always completed and never slacked,” Beamon said. “He treated people with the utmost respect.”

Touchdown Alabama Magazine will keep you updated on his recruitment process.

Justin Smith is a Scouting/Recruiting analyst for Touchdown Alabama Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter, via @Jdsmith31Smith




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