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Nick Saban shares Miss Terry is one of Alabama’s best recruiters

Nick Saban and Miss Terry wave to fans during national championship parade
Mandatory Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Saban seemingly losses great coaches and recruiters every offseason which can prove to be difficult to replace. Luckily for him, the seven-time national champion believes he gets to retain one of his top recruiters because of the binding contract he has with them.

What sort of contract might that be?


Saban shared during his weekly radio show that his wife Miss Terry is actually one of the best recruiters for Alabama because of her outgoing personality accompanied by the sense of community she is able to create with the players and their families.

“She’s one of the best recruiters,” Saban said. “The players love her, the parents love her. She does a great job, has got great people skills. Everybody feels at home, and it sort of gives everybody the feeling of family, which is what you’re always trying to create. You need a village of people to support these guys, whether it’s personally, academically, athletically, and to have good wives in the organization — and Miss Terry’s great.”

Miss Terry has been the first lady of what’s considered to be the greatest dynasty in the history of college football, but with that comes challenges.

Saban shared that the two don’t get to spend very much time together as coaching is an extremely time-consuming profession, but he is appreciative of the support she provides him despite the challenges.

“Second thing is to support me because football season is tough. It’s not family-friendly. I’m not home very much. We don’t get to talk very much. We don’t get to do anything really together. She has opportunities to do things that she chooses not to do because she’s worried about me, and I think that’s pretty special and I appreciate it more than you know. I don’t get to tell her that very often, but I’m telling her now.”

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