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Justice Haynes working towards perfection ahead of freshman season at Alabama

Justice haynes flexes during alabama visit

Alabama football’s freshman running back, Justice Haynes never misses an opportunity to work and get better.

Haynes, who garnered a five-star rating from multiple recruiting sites during the recruiting process, is currently enrolled at the University of Alabama. He is also back in the lab with Marquell Beckwith of Beckwith Sports Academy, who has trained Haynes for quite some time.

Beckwith said the Alabama freshman is focused on being the best he can be at the moment.

“He is just thinking of getting better, doing what he can do to help out the team,” Beckwith told Touchdown Alabama. “He is in a good place right now. He is just focused on himself and that is the way he has always been. He is just focused on how he can get better. Making a transition from high school to college with him enrolling early, I think that has helped him out a lot.”

Videos of Haynes’ training and perfecting his craft consistently garner attention on social media as he makes the difficult look effortless. Haynes’ desire to get better challenges Beckwith.

“It is hard to train him,” said Beckwith. “I know a lot of guys might look at it like, oh he is ranked as a top three back in the nation, he is a five star, and they might think he will be easy. But he makes it hard on me because he is a tough, hard critic on himself. He is so hard on himself. I might think something might be done right, and he will look at it. He wants every rep recorded, so he can look at it himself and go back and correct himself. I will say this was straight right here, this was good. He will watch the video, and he will be like, ‘no, my shoulders were not square at the top of that. I did not like that. When I ran up to the hole, I chopped my feet. I do not like that.’ It is so hard to train him because I got to make sure I am staying on top of my game and being creative with the things I am doing with him. If it is not his best, he is not going to accept it.”

Haynes is striving to be a better all-around running back by ‘being a better route runner out the backfield, improving his pass blocking, working on his jump cuts, being elusive in tight confirmed areas, avoiding big hits, reading and reacting.’

The Georgia product is entering an Alabama running back room with veteran leadership. Roydell Williams and Jase McClellan have the most experience, followed by Jamarion Miller. Haynes and Richard Young have added depth to this group.

Beckwith believes Haynes will have an opportunity to make an impact early for the Crimson Tide.

“Like I tell all my guys, I am not training you to be nobody’s back up,” said Beckwith. “I tell them that straight up, like no matter what is going on, we train like we are the starter. We put this time, this energy, this effort to go prepare. We are going to make sure he is going to be prepared, mentally as well as physically. Justice will be on the field early as a freshman. He will definitely play. He is a team-first guy, so he is going to be ready to contribute.”


Justin Smith is the Director of Recruiting for Touchdown Alabama Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter, via @Jdsmith31Smith

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