Alabama Crimson Tide: In the NFL (Guide)

Alabama Crimson Tide: In the NFL


When it comes to America, football is among the most enthusiastically tracked sports there are. Even though the game has limited worldwide following, it has achieved legendary status due to the many fabulous sportsmen that have played this game of skill, strength, stamina, and tactics. It has further been glorified in cinema adding to its mass appeal. The National Football League comprises of 32 teams and is the ultimate league in American professional football.


Among the most sort after sports betting leagues, every aspect of the NFL is analysed closely by punters and bookmakers. When it comes to NFL odds, whether it is the seasonal drafts or the health of players, individual security helps to foresee the performance of any given team. 2018 saw a record number of selections in the NFL from the Alabama Crimson Tides, for the second year running, and its former players are bound to make a big difference in the ongoing season.


Minkah Fitzpatrick

A rookie with the Miami Dolphins Minkah is already making news both on and off the field. His gameplay so far has resulted in him becoming the fourth highest contender for the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. Punters don’t always have to play for the team as betting on individual players can also prove to be profitable. With odds of +1200 for winning the Rookie title, Minkah is turning out to be quite the favourite. However, off the field, he was in a war of words over the registration of the trademark name “FitzMagic” that is also being used by Tampa Bay’s Ryan Fitzpatrick. After being trolled online, Minkah stated that he would be happy for Ryan to take the name if he so desires.

Da’Shawn Hand

Playing defensive line has gotten Da’Shawn Hand into the draft picks of the Detroit Lions. Hand is among 44 players from Alabama that have been drafted in 2018 by NFL teams. With odds at +5200 to win the Superbowl and +3150 for the NFC Championship, the Lions have a long struggle up ahead which hasn’t been helped by the three consecutive losses they suffered from their first few games.

Bradley Bozeman

Bradley is the quintessential cuddly strong man who was picked up by the Baltimore Ravens. He was the captain as a senior in college and plays centre, but it was his on-field marriage proposal in front of a cheering crowd after the College Playoffs that won him many hearts. As a member of the Ravens, who are at +4800 odds to win the Superbowl, it will be interesting to see his continued progress in the game.



Anthony Averette

As a fellow Tides teammate of Bradley Bozeman, Anthony Averette was also drafted by the Baltimore Ravens as a cornerback. In addition to the two, Nick Saban of the Crimson Tides managed to get linebacker Tim William and C. J. Mosley into the Ravens line-up as well. Ravens have so far won three of their four games and are looking quite healthy. They are presently at +2000 odds to win the AFC Championship and +350 for the AFC North odds.

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