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Four Alabama Crimson Tide Football Players Arrested

Eddie Williams faces the most charges of the four.

Four Alabama Crimson Tide Football Players Arrested

By: Larry Burton

Making stupid decisions and staying on Alabama’s football team don’t go hand in hand. Yesterday, four Alabama players made stupid decisions that will in all likelihood cost them some time in jail, a lot of money and being booted off the team at the University of Alabama.

Eddie Williams, a red shirt freshman slated for playing time this year at receiver, Tyler Hayes, who would have been a sophomore linebacker for the Tide this upcoming season and DJ Pettway, another sophomore to be at defensive tackle were all charged with 2nd degree robbery.

Williams was also charged and arrested the day before for unlawfully carrying a pistol without a license. This stemmed from an incident at a local BP gas station where Williams got into an altercation about whether he had paid for his gas or not.

According to a Tuscaloosa Police report, the BP attendant told police Williams was “acting erratic and “threatening that he had something in the trunk of his vehicle”.  When they stopped and searched him they found a small pistol in his pants pocket. He was booked and released on $500 bond for that.


University police said that Monday a student was attacked by three assailants about 12:35am in the 800 block of Campus Drive. He was physically attacked with punches and kicks that left him unconscious and robbed of his backpack that contained a laptop.  His wallet and credit cards and student activity card were also taken. He was hospitalized with a concussion and other injuries.

According to the arrest warrant, Williams and Hayes confessed to this crime.

In a separate incident, Williams attacked another student, and took his wallet that contained cash, credit and debit cards and his student activity card. This was done with Pettway and Hayes waiting in the car and acting as accomplices in full knowledge.  This incident happened around 1:20pm in the 200 block of Seventh Avenue, according to UA spokesperson Cathy Andereen in her statement early Tuesday morning.

Apparently, once back at the athletic facility, the stolen cards were used to buy snacks from vending machines and Brent Calloway, who did not participate in the robbery, was charged with using the cards for several purchases himself with full knowledge of the cards being stolen property.

He was arrested and booked for  fraudulent use of a credit card. Like Williams, this is his second arrest since joining the Tide.  In 2011 he was arrested for a marijuana charge and had almost escaped Saban’s dog house from that.

Most think that Saban will come down hard on these four. Three for participating in a violent assault and robbery and Calloway for not learning from strike one.

All four players were slated to have bright futures with stardom and accolades coming their way. Instead, each will have more than likely start from scratch somewhere else if at all and that is after they’ve faced these charges and penalties.

This is quite a blow to the University of Alabama and Nick Saban who have kept such incidents like this among athletes at bay. Though the team has the depth and talent levels to absorb these losses, the school and team will suffer from the negative press that follows such arrests.


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