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Shawn Jennings

Committed 7/28/2015

Position: Free Safety/Athlete

Hometown: Dadeville, AL

Stars: 4

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 220 lbs

Athletic Measurables: 

Shawn Jennings has a great frame for the free safety spot. At 6’2″, 220 pounds he already has the size to come in and be that safety/linebacker hybrid. Assuming that he will build on his frame, even though he does not necessarily have to, he could slide into the outside linebacker spot. He has good speed coming downhill, which also helps him being the QB and a wide receiver for Dadeville. Jennings also has very surprising strength and you can see it when he tackles, he puts a lot of force into it, yet he keeps form. He could be a big asset when he joins big brother, Anfernee in Tuscaloosa.

Instincts & Technique:

Jennings is one of the more underrated defensive guys in the state in a class full of defensive stars. He is very fundamentally sound, yet has that flair that you love to watch. He has a good nose for the ball and almost always takes the right angle on tackles. Jennings can do some damage in coverage, mainly because of his great body control and gets the ball at the highest point, which is always a plus.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Strengths: Jennings is a good tackler who has a nice nose for the ball, he is one of those guys that is in on every play. His underrated strength and ball skills will be his biggest upside at the college level.

Weaknesses: The only thing setting Shawn Jennings away from being a 5 Star player is that he just doesn’t have that explosiveness yet, but that could easily change by the time he gets in a Crimson Tide uniform.

Reminds me of: 

Shawn Jennings is a clone of former Alabama safety, Justin Woodall (2006-2010) who was also 6’2, 220. He also has that same knack for the ball as Woodall did (4 INTs in 2008)


Justin Wagner is the Scouting Coordinator and Lead Recruiting Analyst for Touchdown Alabama Magazine, Follow him on Twitter, at @jwag718 as well as Touchdown Alabama’s Recruiting Twitter @tdarecruiting.

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