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Jesse Williams aka “Tha Monstar” always found a way to leave all he had on the field. After an eventful off season with lots of ups and down Williams was just happy to be on the field this past Friday.

A former 5th round pick, Williams was diagnosed with papillary Type 2 cancer in May. After months of hard work and recovery including having his kidney removed Williams finally made a return to field last week.

“Tha Monstar” has been sidelined for his entire carrier in the NFL thus far. Williams suffered a knee injury in 2013 causing him to miss his entire rookie season. Then in 2014 Williams suffered another knee injury and was sidelined for the second consecutive year. After missing his first two seasons Williams was determined to play this season, and to defy the odds and beat cancer.

So eleven weeks after beating cancer, Williams played in his first NFL game and racked up a pair of tackles, defying all the odds.

“I felt like crying running out of the tunnel,” Williams told the Seahawks’ official web site. “A lot of downs the last couple of months, but to be out there running around with my team, make some plays, have fun and just do what I’m supposed to be doing, back to my normal life, it means a lot to me.”

No matter which NFL team you root for, you can’t help but want nothing but future success for “Tha Monstar”.

Ivan L. White is a contributor for Touchdown Alabama Magazine. You can “like” him on Facebook or “follow” him on Twitter, via @ilwhite1

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