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Vegas Shows Faith In Alabama Beating LSU is Slipping

The moving betting line shows faith in Alabama is slipping in Las Vegas

A typical Las Vegas sports betting board showing the odds. This time they show Alabama’s odds dropping

Vegas Shows Faith In Alabama Beating LSU is Slipping

By: Larry Burton

Alabama opened as a healthy 7 point favorite over LSU, but apparently the money started going heavily to LSU so now the Vegas odds are down to 5. This according to various betting sites anchored in Las Vegas.

You see, Las Vegas really doesn’t care who wins or loses, they just want the “house” cut from the betting, so that means they just want more folks betting.

In a perfect world in Las Vegas, half the betters will win, half will lose and they house wins by taking a cut out of the total bet.

By lowering the odds, they’re trying to induce Alabama fans into getting into the action as the folks thinking LSU will either win or lose a very close game is getting all the early action.

So why does the betting public have sliding faith in Alabama? Could it be that Alabama was opened as a 15.5 point favorite over Tennessee only to squeak by 5 points?

Is it that they realized this game would be at home for the Tide and they remember how poorly the Tide seems to play at Bryant Denny?

Whatever the reason, it will be interesting to see if there is more action and movement on this betting line.

One thing is for sure, Alabama head coach Nick Saban wishes he were the underdog. When Alabama has been an underdog, they play outstanding and beat the line. It seems to motivate them.

Will LSU be motivated by this betting “slight”? After all, they are undefeated and ranked higher than the Tide. Only time will tell.

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