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Alabama freshman defensive back Tony Mitchell breaks silence after returning to team

Alabama freshman defensive back, Tony Mitchell spoke publicly Sunday about his return to Alabama football after he was recently cleared to participate in team activities. 

Mitchell talked to young athletes at the Southern Xpress end of the year celebration and discussed how he handled his March arrest and its aftermath.

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“Even though this situation was beyond hard for me, I find joy knowing that if God didn’t start where he did, something much bigger could have happened,” Mitchell said. “I also want to thank Alabama football for seeing my potential and giving me a second chance. I’m grateful for everyone who supported me through this hard time every day, just thinking the possibility of it all being over with devastated me. I didn’t know if I’d get to play football again, but I continued to work out and stay close with the Lord and those who love me unconditionally. During those times, it helped me to keep my mind off it, but when I was by myself looking at social media and what everybody had to say about it, just felt like it happened again. I couldn’t sleep at night. Everyone’s always going to have something to say about you, whether you right or wrong, but I appreciate my family and my dad for always being there for me and the constant advice my mom, for always making time to talk to me and my grandma for always being there for me since I was young at all my events and games and Byron also being a mentor for me and all the college trips we went on and all my trainers, Donnie Lee and Mike McCoy for pushing me to train hard and just helping me take my game to another level. I was doing things knowing I shouldn’t to try to fit in, but not everybody your friend…To all the athletes here tonight, just keep pursuing your dreams. God got a designated path for you and all your talents are from the Lord. Do not let anyone or anything distract you from your purpose and keep a small circle of people that truly love and care about you and always work hard because it’ll play off in the end.”

Mitchell is expected to participate in Alabama football’s summer workouts.


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