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Welcome to Points After! This message board forum is designed to generate discussion on relevant topics surrounding the Alabama Crimson Tide football team to create fun, vibrant, and profound dialogue for all readers.

The goal is for all members of this site to help grow into the leader of all things Alabama football. However, in order to do so, effective moderation is necessary. Below is a current list of rules and guidelines for posting in this forum.

Violations of these rules are subject to have your post modified, deleted, or banned at the discretion of the moderators of As a subscriber, you agree that board moderators of the site have the right to moderate as they see fit, in the best interest of the site.

Feedback and questions about moderation
If you have feedback on the site's content, staff, or moderation of the message board, email [email protected]. Do not post feedback or ask why your post was deleted on the message board. If you have been banned, email [email protected]

1. Absolutely no pornographic or offensive material is allowed. Violators will be immediately banned from posting in this forum

2. Do not post any external links that will cause spam or you are subject to be banned permanently.

3. No profanity is allowed. If you cannot post and formulate a sentence without using vulgar language, this site is not for you.

4. No personal attacks on other posters will be tolerated. Debating is encouraged, but civility is in required.

5. Discussions that relate to race, religion, and politics will be deleted unless an article or sports story warrants dialogue. General discussion on these topics for the sake of controversy is not permitted.

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