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Open Notice to Pat White – We Call BS! Put Up, Don’t Shut up.

Pat White shouldn’t start a fight he doesn’t intend to see through

Open Notice to Pat White – We Call BS! Put up, Don’t Shut Up!

By: Larry Burton

I wanted to enjoy my two weeks off, I really did. Nothing was going to disturb my fun and diving in the Dominican Republic. Then comes Pat White.

Pat is a bitter man since his NFL and baseball dreams all went down the tubes. He’ll grasp at any straw to get his 15 minutes of fame extended just to be noticed, much like a yelling child.

For those who don’t know, Pat was a quarterback who showed some promise at one time at West Virginia, some thought he had NFL talent. They were wrong. After throwing no TD’s and one INT, Miami couldn’t dump him fast enough after one year. His NFL career was a huge joke.

How bad a joke?

Even the Virginia Destroyers of the UFL cut him after three months. He couldn’t hack it in a hack league. Now he’s trying again in the Canadian Football League.

Now that you know the background, we come to the charge he made that Alabama offered him a Corvette to play for Alabama.


Funny that the records at Alabama show you were never offered a scholly, funny that the coaches on staff at the time say you were never being seriously recruited because they didn’t see you as a quarterback. Funny that you never even made an official visit or no coach ever went to you with an offer of ANY kind.

So Mr. White, not on my own behalf, even though I’m upset enough to be typing this article on a travel tablet, but on behalf of the Alabama Nation, I’m calling BS. Please don’t coward out and slink away after opening this up yourself. Please don’t shut up, give us the name of the coach who offered you a car. We’re calling you out. Name a name or tell the truth that you were lying.

You started this, now finish it. Let’s see how this story plays out in an open debate and not a drive by mud slinging.

We’re calling BS, now back it up or prove you are as good a liar as you’ve proven to be a professional quarterback.

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