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Catching Up With C.J. Mosley: (Exclusive) Interview Transcript

C.J. Mosley Alabama

Photo by Chris Thompson

C.J. Mosley is currently entering his second season as a member of the Baltimore Ravens. After a stellar rookie campaign, he looks to build upon that and become an even bigger household name to help his team win another Superbowl championship. Check out our exclusive interview with C.J. as we were able to catch up with him this week:

TDA: What were your thoughts on Alabama growing up, were you always a fan?

C.J.: My parents are from Chicago, but I was born in mobile, so growing up I loved football more than I loved certain teams. It wasn’t until I started to get recruited when I started showing interests in schools.

TDA: What got you into football and sports in general?

C.J.: My Dad; he started me in football at age 5, at Navco Park.

TDA: Outside of football, what are you interested in?

C.J.: Basketball was always my second best sport, also love playing video games and watching cartoons.

TDA: When did you know you could possibly be an elite football player?

C.J.: After my freshman year in High School, when I started getting my official offers from college.

TDA: What was it like playing as a freshman at Alabama and getting so much notoriety almost immediately?

C.J.: It was a blessing, through hard work, coaches trusting me, and patience, I got my chance to play.

TDA: Coming off of an All-American junior season and national championship, what made you come back for another year (your senior year)?

C.J.: It was pretty simple. I promised my parents I would graduate and I knew in my three years at Bama, I hadn’t shown 100% of my ability as an every down Linebacker.

TDA: There’s another Mosley on the roster at Alabama now. What is your relationship like with your brother Jamey? How has he transitioned to Alabama and do you see him contributing during his time there?

C.J.: We have a great relationship, even though he’s taller than me, I feel he still looks up to me. It’s a lot of things he has to go through and learn on his own as a young man, but it’s my job to guide him through or prevent him from making mistakes that I did.

TDA: Other than speed, what is the biggest difference between college football and pro football? Talk about your transitional experience.

C.J.: Speed really wasn’t an issue, if you know what to do and where to be, you can keep up with the game. The biggest transition was just learning the verbiage of the new defense.

TDA: I’ve read where Eddie Lacy said that practices at Alabama were tougher than his experience so far in the NFL. How true is that statement? Were Coach Saban’s practices really that tough?

C.J.: Football practice is hard on any level, but yes Bama practices were tough, but it made us the men we are today.

TDA: Speaking with people from your hometown, they have nothing but wonderful things to say about you. How has your upbringing shaped you into being such a model and standup guy?

C.J.: That’s the way my parents raised me and my brother, to be respectful, humble and responsible. They were raised the same way.

TDA: Who were some of the athletes you looked up to when you were growing up?

C.J.: My two favorite football players are Brian Urlacher and Ray Lewis. Kobe Bryant is my favorite basketball player.

TDA: What is the biggest accomplishment you’ve achieved so far (college or NFL)?

C.J.: 2013 Butkus Award, given to the best Linebacker in the country. I received it at the end of my senior year in college

TDA: Former teammates and coaches say you always lead by example. When did you know you had the characteristics to be a leader?

C.J.: It’s kind of hard to know when you’re a leader. For me I just did my job and tried to do the right things.

TDA: Who was the most influential coach at UA for you?

C.J.: Coach Smart and Coach Saban, they both believed in me as a young freshman and trusted me to call their complex defense.

TDA: What type of impact do you think you had on the younger players who looked up to you? Who were some players you looked up to at UA?

C.J.: I hope it gave them confidence that just because you might be the youngest, you can still have an impact on the team. Nico Johnson was pretty much my mentor at Alabama.

TDA: What was the most exciting game you played in while at UA?

C.J.: Against Georgia in the SEC Championship game.

TDA: How serious was the Iron Bowl as a player versus the fan perspective?

C.J.: Even though the game itself is a 100% battle the fans may have a little edge over us, from dumping family ashes on the field to vandalizing school property. Our rivalry is no joke!

TDA: Were practices more intense leading up to the game? How was Coach Saban’s demeanor that week?

C.J.: Yes, definitely more intense during Auburn hate week. It’s the best week of practice, because we are playing in the best rivalry in sports and because Thanksgiving is coming up, so we are going to eat good too!

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