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Breaking: Quinnen Williams Played Through Broken Finger During Post Season

via: Marvin Gentry USA Today Sports

According to, Quinnen Williams finished played the SEC championship and the College Football Playoff while battling a broken right pinky finger.

“It got caught inside of a helmet,” said Williams in the report,” and once I tried to make a move, it went a different way.”

Despite receiving an incredibly difficult injury considering he is a defensive tackle, the 289-pound defensive tackle recorded 13 tackles and one sack over the last three games of the season.

“And I just played with it throughout the season with it and it messed up some ligaments inside it,” said Williams. “There were a lot of things going on while training that messed up things that I can do with my hands and stuff.”

Williams went on to be named the unanimous All-American and was named national defensive player of the year.

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