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Stephen A. Smith believes Alabama should get into playoff if USC or TCU loses

Stephen A. Smith made it clear where he stands on the Alabama vs. Ohio State debate heading into Tuesday’s release of the College Football Playoff rankings on First Take.

Smith, who has rooted for Alabama in the past, said he feels Alabama should get into the playoff if USC or TCU loses its over Ohio State Tuesday.

“As far as I’m concerned, I want to sit up here right now,” Smith said. “You know where I’m going. Alabama should get in. LSU getting trounced by Texas A&M, having three losses, beating Alabama by one. Hear all that. You got three losses. That’s number one. When I think about Ohio State, let me say this about the Ohio State Buckeyes, I understand it was one loss. I get all that. Had CJ Stroud competing with Caleb Williams for Heisman, and he out of the mix. Ohio State didn’t lose this past week. They got their ass kicked. You don’t get to go in the playoffs when you get beat down like that. That’s not how this works. They the biggest rivalry. Did you see the promos? Did you see everybody talking about they don’t even say each other’s name? They don’t even talk about each other. They hate each other, and you get trounced by Michigan 28 to three in the second half. You get the brakes beat off you. Ohio State does not go in after a loss like that.”

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