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Christmas Came Early by Joy Morris

I’ve heard so many people say that being a part of the SEC Media Days Event is like receiving Christmas early. Little did I know about what that statement really meant, until I attended one myself.
As I drove into the parking lot of the Hilton Hotel in Hoover, AL. and might I add that I drove in the wrong way, the one thing I couldn’t miss was the many news station trucks that engulfed the parking lot.
Realizing that I drove into the hotel lot the wrong way, I quickly made a U turn and started back towards the hotel parking deck. Only to than see that I was driving down a one way! Yeah, needless to say that was not the best start to my day.
Once I finally was parked and out of my car, I began to feel the butterflies inside me start to fly. My thoughts quickly reverted back to the first day I had to work the red carpet at an awards ceremony in Los Angeles. I took a deep breath and opened the lobby door. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by fans at the entrance waiting on their star to arrive and media lights taking over the entire hotel or for that matter the entire state of Alabama!
As I made my way into the registration room and received my badge to wear I was than told to pick up my box of goodies. Now I understand what everyone means by saying this is Christmas early! The box was full of media guides on every college out there! I could read up on all players and know anything and everything I ever needed to know about each and every school. This was something worth coming to this event for!
I decided to go ahead and make my way to the room where I’ll be for the next three days. I found my spot almost at the front of the room. I set everything up and waited for the event to begin.
I met some really great friends and they have coached me all the way through this event on what to do and what not to do. As the event starts to get underway our first talent walks through the door. It’s none other than Jeff Driskel, a Quarterback for University of Florida. I listen in and learn the ropes as so many reporters ask questions. I decide that it’s time for me to jump in and start asking what our viewers want to know more about. One talent after another walks in and out that same door all day.
However, there were a few people that stood out the most. I’ll give you a quick recap into who they were and what they were about.
One person that stood out was Coach Will Muschamp. Coach Muschamp was still a bit upset with Ohio Coach Urban Meyer. Coach Meyer was said to have allegedly turned in his former school, to the NCAA for alleged secondary recruiting violations. Although there’s been a lot of discussion about this issue, Coach Muschamp kept it simple..”We appreciated our friends from Ohio making sure we’re compliant with the NCAA rules. They certainly know a little bit about that subject.” Coach Muschamp was not able to address all issues due to time constraints but another topic on the medias minds was addressed by SEC commissioner Mike Slive who didn’t mention Hernandez by name but he did reference the legal issues plaguing the athletes that are linked to the league.
“At the same time we talk about our successes on the field and in the classroom, we cannot ignore the recent off the field incidents involving both current and former student athletes,” Slive said.
“Not all student athletes fulfill the high expectations we have for them.  While the negative actions of a few garner headlines, the fact is that the vast majority of these young people conduct themselves appropriately.”
Even though these are just two of the many people that came through our door, I won’t be able to give you a play by play on everyone at this moment. I will, however, have a write up and even attach some videos on each person that walked through the door in the three days I attended on Thursday evening. So be sure to check back to see the highlights and even some of the low points that each person spoke on.
The last person that stood out was Dominique Easley, Florida defensive end player. Even though Dominique was probed with a ton of questions one things for sure, he was in a great mood and a playful one too! I asked Dominique about his end zone dance. Upon answering my question I quickly jumped in and asked him if he’d dance for us on the way out the door too? He was quick with his comeback to mention “only if someone will dance with me.” After some elaborating on the answer again he brought my question back around to me and said “well, is someone going to do the end zone dance with me?” I decided to go ahead and take center stage. As I “tried” my hand in the “Dominique end zone dance” I didn’t really get it until he helped me! Needless to say, now I’m a pro at it! Ok so maybe I’m not but it was a lot of fun and a memory to keep with me on such a cut up known as Dominique Easley!
One thing is for sure from the three days at the SEC Media Days Event..this will NOT be my last time to attend! To be in the same room with like minded individuals and to hear each and every one of the coaches, players and more speak in such a professional and inspirational manner makes the SEC Event one to never be forgotten!
To know how hard each and everyone of the talents involved in college football have to work, not only to win games but to strive for excellence on and off the field, makes someone like myself have a newfound respect for them all. I want to thank each and every college coach out there for turning our boys into men and for giving them something to fight for each and everyday..success! Keep up the great work everyone!
One last group of people that I need to mention on here are the one’s that made this trip possible. To Benny Bice, Mike Lacey and Chuck Dunlap..Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be apart of this event and for the wonderful memory of attending this event that will always be a lasting one in my mind!

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