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Freshman Mistake! Kentucky Running Back “Guarantees” Score Against Bama

Let’s just write this off to a “rookie” mistake.

Freshman Mistake! Kentucky Running Back “Guarantees” Score Against Bama

By Larry Buton

I guess Kentucky freshman running back Jojo Kemp hasn’t heard two things. The first was Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace’s statement than Ole Miss would score on Alabama. (they didn’t)

And the other thing Kemp may never has heard is “Don’t poke the bear”, as Alabama’s defense for the last few weeks have been playing like, well, an Alabama defense.

In talking to Kentucky Sports Television CN/2, Kemp said the following, as seen in this video, that “They’re going to going to get scored on, yeah I’m guaranteeing it.”

Does a team as bad as Kentucky really need to give Alabama an incentive to pour it on? Does this running back really want to poke this bear? Will he hear more than once in this game, “Hey rookie, where’s those points on the scoreboard?” as he’s being picked up after another bone crushing tackle.

Obviously new head coach Stoops hasn’t quite gotten around to getting the message out clear enough that you don’t want to give teams like Alabama some bulletin board material to get them worked up.

After the Ole Miss game when CJ Mosley was asked about whether or not he’d heard Wallace’s prediction he said, “Yeah we hear all that stuff people say, but we let our play do the talking.”

Now there’s the difference between a rookie mistake and a serious senior. Something tells me after this game, Kemp will learn that lesson. Perhaps now Alabama fans understand why Saban doesn’t allow his freshmen to be interviewed.

Larry is an award winning writer whose work has appeared in almost every college football venue. Now he primarily writes for Touchdown Alabama Magazine.


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