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How Much SEC Pride Is There In The SEC?

Do Alabama fans share the love with their SEC brothers? Give us your opinion.

How Much SEC Pride Is There In The SEC?

By Larry Burton

There’s an saying that goes, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Sure, there are some fierce SEC rivalries, but there’s also a lot of SEC pride.

While the rest of the country wants to see anyone but an SEC team win the last BCS championship game in format we’ve known for the last several years, the question is, will the SEC pull for an SEC team to win it all if it isn’t their team?

My good friend Mike Godsey, an Alabama alumni said there are some teams he might pull for but some he’d never pull for here in the SEC. “When Auburn was in the championship game, I didn’t pull for them. I didn’t want them to have that to use for recruiting purposes, that could just hurt us.”

Joe Kennedy echos this sentiment, “I could pull for some, but not Auburn, LSU or Tennessee.” he said.

But one friend, Ken Wilson, put it another way by saying, “I pull for every SEC team except the one playing Alabama. If Alabama doesn’t win it all, I want it that championship to stay ‘in the family'”.

On hearing this, Ron, also an Alabama alumni like the rest said, “I might pull for the SEC team, but there’s a few I wouldn’t admit to pulling for publicly.”

Personally, I pull for the SEC in all out of conference games and certainly for the BCS Championship Game. Of course there is one caveat for me, if another SEC team had to lose to get Alabama further up the polls, into the SEC of BCS Championship Game, I could quickly forget any love I have for my fellow SEC brothers.

Let us know here at Touchdown Alabama Magazine how you feel about pulling for another SEC team. Would you pull for any SEC team over an out of conference team for the championship game?

In the comment section below, let us know your answer. Thanks in advance.


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