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Larry’s Losers in the SEC – Week 13 – 2013

Larry’s Losers in the SEC – Week 13 – 2013

By Larry Burton

Well folks, in old Mark Richt just taught those bumbling Bulldogs that you knock down a pass on 4th Down and not try and intercept or tip it up, we would have been perfect with the prediction process that proceeded this week. That was truly a game that both teams tried to lose, but this season is seems that Georgia is just knows how to lose better than this season’s edition of the players from the plains.

This week the know it all Pug and I are with the whole family down in Ft. Lauderdale fixing up a condo we confiscated from a con who didn’t exactly deal right with the federal government and like all good losers, there’s always an upside for the other side of the coin for the winner. So this is an abbreviated version due to the fact that we’ve got lots to do to whip this new condo into shape by Turkey Day.

We’ll just go with the games of note for the big discussions.

So let’s get going and see who’ll be on this week’s likely losers list. With only eight games to gab about, it don’t leave much room for a miss, so let’s see if we can get this one down.

Mississippi State at Arkansas – At that silly start time of 11:21am (all times CST), Mullen’s Mutts meander up to the Arkansas Pig pen to try and tussle with the tusked ones and leave with another SEC win and proved they’re not lowest losers in the SEC West.

Meanwhile, Brett’s Razorbacks aren’t about to take a dive in front of the home folks and they’re planning on keeping the pigs in the pecking order they’re in right now. But Dan’s dumbfounded Doggies aren’t as bad as their record and they’ll have the last bark.

Larry’s Loser – Arkansas

Coastal Carolina at South Carolina – Are you kidding me? Larry’s Loser – Coastal Carolina

Georgia Southern at Florida – This is a team even Florida can’t screw up a win with. Larry’s Loser – Georgia Southern

Chattanooga at Alabama – Really Alabama schedule maker, was Timberlake Military Academy busy this week? Larry’s Loser – Chattanooga

Texas A&M at LSU – Folks, this one’s a toughie. At 2:30pm the ball gets kicked off and it won’t sit in one place for very long given the fact that the Signing Slinger will be moving the ball and the Tigers will ripping it up against the no name, no good defense that the Aggies sport.

This is one where I’m tempted to go with the Texans but the pigskin pickin’ pug has persuaded me to predict the pussycats given the fact that both teams can score and both teams have iffy defenses, but the Aggies defense is the Sultan of Suck.

Larry’s Loser – Texas A&M

Kentucky at Georgia – This Mildcats couldn’t scratch their way out of wet paper sack if it had an SEC team’s name on it. Larry’s Loser – Kentucky

Vanderbilt at Tennessee – What do the boys in Vegas see that the prognosticating pug and I don’t see? Tennessee the favorite? Not this season. Larry’s Loser – Tennessee

Missouri at Ole Miss – In the last game of the evening, the top of the Tigers take on the up and down Rebels of Ole Miss. Now so far this season, I’ve missed more games because of Missouri and around my house, they’re known as the miserable Missourians. I didn’t believe in this team all season and when I finally tried ’em out, the Carolina Cluckers went and clucked up their perfect season.

So this week I’m officially off the bandwagon as I suspect Bo Wallace will have a big game and returning James Franklin, the Tiger’s tosser, may have the Missourians wishing that he had stayed hurt one more week. In an upset, Larry’s Loser – Missouri

Bacardi, you bow wowing bone chewer, I hope you were studying those stats and not concentrating on condo vacations, you changed my mind on one of the picks, so get fetch my flip flops and lets go enjoy the sunshine and nice weather.

Till next week, we’ll be hoping the losers aren’t the one you’re longing to win and you’ll have more to be thankful for than a good turkey dinner.

Larry is an award winning writer whose work has appeared in almost every college football venue. Now he primarily writes for Touchdown Alabama Magazine. Follow him on Twitter at

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