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Larry’s Losers in the SEC – Bowl Edition – Part Two

Larry’s Losers in the SEC – Bowl Edition – Part Two

By Larry Burton and Bacardi the Wonder Dog

Well sports fans, with the second of January come the second half of the bowl season for the SEC and so here goes part two of the bowl picks that the pooch and I have been losing sleep over. Just like the teams that take this field in this post season play, the old pigskin pickin’ pooch and I want to go out as winners too, but with certain teams this season in the SEC, that’s been harder than finding three wise men and a virgin at most SEC schools to put on a Christmas play.

So rather than bore you with the problems of falling from the perch of  top prognosticators to just another better than average pickers, let’s jump right in and see who you can count on to wind up on the short end of the stick in this season of champagne and New Year’s toasts.

Sometimes reality really hits you in the face.

Oklahoma vs Alabama – Allstate Sugar Bowl – New Orleans, La. – Jan. 2nd – 7:30pm (all times CST) – ESPN

Bob Stoops rolls the Boomer Sooner in New Orleans and hopes he can get his troops through the New Year’s celebrations, the long layoff and tangling with the Tide without the wheels falling off the wagon. Meanwhile, Nick Saban’s hoping his boys aren’t going to lay another Sugar Bowl egg like they did the last time they played in this game after missing the big show and getting upset and embarrassed like they did against Utah.

This is a game that Alabama’s not only supposed to win, but win big. Can “Big Game Bob” circle the wagons and stand off the onslaught? That’s the $64 dollar question.

Unfortunately for the Okies that made the trip to New Orleans, the $65 dollar answer is no. There’s just no stopping the Tide from rising in this game.

Larry’s Loser – Oklahoma

Oklahoma State fans finally realize that playing the SEC isn’t so glamorous after all.

Oklahoma State vs Missouri – AT&T Cotton Bowl – Dallas, Tx. – Jan. 3rd – 6:30pm – Fox

Mike Gundy and his Cowpokes from Oklahoma State sashay down to Dallas with guns blazing in hopes of having a successful Tiger hunt in the confines of Jerry’s World. But Gary Pinkel’s Pussycats aren’t about to strike a pose and be plastered by some Hopalong Cassiday wanna be and they plan on scratching and clawing up the Cowboys till they run for the border.

Now the boys in Vegas say that this could be the closest of all the post season contests as some sports books have this as a pick ’em, but after pouring over the paperwork with the pooch, spending hours watching game film and looking at the one on one match ups in the line and secondary, we wish we had a carload of cash to put on this one.

We see this one pretty clear and without any hesitation, we see a winner in this one as clear as a bell. One conference just prepares teams better for the bowl games than the others do and that’s the thing that tips the scale with Bacardi and me. When this one’s over, bragging rights still rest with the SEC.

Larry’s loser – Oklahoma State

Just like the mascot, the real Cougars don’t have sharp claws either.

Vanderbilt vs Houston – BBVA Compass Bowl – Birmingham, Al. – Jan. 4th – Noon – ESPN

James Franklin brings his clan of Commodores just a short bus ride down the I-65 freeway and he’s hoping that though this isn’t the highlight bowl for an SEC team to get, that his squad of Song City Sailors will be ready to represent. Meanwhile, on the other side of the field, Tony Levine and his cast of Cougars are hoping that the Commodores will be a ship without a rudder without their gutsy guy snagging the snaps from under center, Austyn Carta-Samuels.

There may be something to that as the boys in Sin City have dropped the line to a paultry 1.5 points in Vandy’s favor, but the ‘Dores aren’t without a capable captain and they plan on going into this game full speed ahead without changing the usual game plan.

Now both these teams may be 8-4, but the Sailor boys have gathered some wins in the SEC and that should be all you need to know to believe the SEC continues the streak of wins against the poor cousins of college football.

Larry’s Loser – Houston


And now the game that everyone wanted to be in and couldn’t…

Auburn vs Florida State – BCS Championship Game @ the Rose Bowl – Pasadena, Ca. – January 6th –

The opportunistic boys from Auburn finally make it to the Rose Bowl and they’re hoping to ride the good breaks and odds beating opportunities to another BCS Championship. Meanwhile, the warpaint warriors wage war in hopes of finally getting back to the top after so many years.

Neither of these quarterbacks started the season with anybody thinking that they would be showcase stars, but nobody and I mean nobody picked these Tigers to be flirting with a title game this season.

Now Auburn will run the ball through the Semiholes in Florida State’s line and they may just surprise them with a pass or two just to keep them honest. One the other side of the ball, Jameis Winston will try and exploit the worst pass defense they’ve seen this year.

This will be an entertaining game and you can’t watch it without wondering what miracle Auburn could possibly come up with this time. But in the end, the old axiom is true, you win championships with defense and that’s something that Gus couldn’t teach the Tigers.

Larry’s loser – Auburn

This time Gus just couldn’t pull the rabbit from the hat, but it was a great run while it lasted.

So that ends bowl week, with the prognosticating pug and me picking the SEC to sweep the bowl season with the exception of the one that counts the most. It’s been a great year for the SEC with lots of surprises and though it’s caused me to scratch my head like Bacardi the Wonderdog before a flea bath trying to figure them out, it’s been a fun one.

That’s it for Larry’s losers in the SEC this season, we’ll see you next season with the all too early Larry’s Losers SEC preseason prognostications and until then may God bless you all, each and every one and have a happy and non losing New Year!


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