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Blake Sims May Have Been Right All Along About Alec Morris

Photo by Cedric Mason/TDAL Magazine

Everyone with even a small stake in the Alabama Crimson Tide football team has an opinion on the 2015 quarterback position. In reality, the competition has played out like an episode of Days of Our Lives. There have been changes to the mythical quarterback order practically every day. Taking the competition in its totality though, one must  go back to early March when Blake Sims put his two cents in. In fact, he might have been right about the competition all along.

Per an al.com piece by Matt Zenitz, Sims said, “He’s (Morris) going to factor big-time.” Sims also broke down several moments in games where Morris was able to see things from the sideline that Blake missed and point them out. That football IQ has been reinforced throughout the fall. Morris won’t scare anyone with his athleticism, but he can be the field general that the Crimson Tide need to make another run at the College Football Playoff.

What would that entail for the offense?

Morris’ ability to recognize would let the Tide shift into more favorable formations as opposed to the “Check with me” style that Alabama had to employ during the 2014 campaign. With the loss of Amari Cooper to the NFL Draft, and a bevy of talented playmakers chomping at the bit to get the ball in their hands, the Tide quarterback’s ability to get to the most advantageous play will have an outsized effect on the offense’s production.

Being able to employ that kind of command usually results in a trickle down effect for the entire unit’s confidence. The Crimson Tide offense will be replacing seven starters from the 2014 group which means fresh faces in unfamiliar circumstances. It is natural to have some disquiet in those situations — particularly during the beginning of the football season.

Thanks to a schedule which features three top 25 teams within the first five weeks, some of those jitters will be against exceptional competition. The quickest way to solve those problems, aside from real-live snaps? Confidence and command from Alec Morris, the leader of the offense.

Much like any week of Days of Our Lives, the leader to start at quarterback for the Crimson Tide against Wisconsin will continue to feature twists and turns up until the two teams take the field in Arlington, Texas. Even so, Sims’ words carry weight, and he may have been right all along regarding Morris.

Thomas Watts has written for Touchdown Alabama Magazine for years. Catch him on Twitter@ThomasHWatts, on BAMSRadio every Wednesday from 8-10, and 2 Deep Zone hosted by BamaSportsRadio.

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