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Some ideas as to who should be plugged in with the position needs at Alabama Part 2

In our last article, we pointed out which players would be good fits for some of the holes that will open up at offensive tackle and safety. Now, we switch gears and look at defensive linemen and cornerbacks.

Defensive End

Since Alabama could not land Brenton Cox’s commitment, it can give a harder look to Eyabi Anoma as a weak-side defensive end. Anoma is 6’5″ and weighs 230 pounds and hails from of Baltimore, Md., by way of St. Frances High School. He has also been dubbed the No. 2 overall prospect of 2018. What can’t you say about this young athlete? He’s strong like a bull, he’s fast like a race car, and he appears to be an extremely disciplined player. He has a knack for staying in his lane and watching exactly where the ball it is at all times.

Plain and simple: he is just fun to watch. One can only hope he decides to don a crimson jersey.

Defensive Tackles

Well, one choice at defensive tackle is none other than four-star recruit Greg Emerson of  Jackson, Tenn.

Emerson is a product of North Side High School and is 6’3″ and weighs 296 pounds. To simply put it, he plays an awful lot like Justin Tuck did his whole career with both the Raiders and the Giants. Emerson, who plays defensive end in his game films is also listed as a tackle as well and it appears he could play either position for any team that he signs with. He is undoubtedly perfect to fit the bill for either role, as he fills up holes in the middle, has great pursuit techniques with his explosive closing speed and has tremendous power like that of a speeding tank coming off blocks. Although he has the in-state team from Knoxville knocking at his door and the Ohio State Buckeyes giving him a look, he definitely would look a whole lot better in crimson.

Alabama does have options near home at this position as well.

Coynis Miller out of Jackson-Olin High School in Birmingham is a great candidate to fill a position gap at defensive tackle. He is a four-star athlete at his position. The 6’1″ 300-pound player, is an absolute highlight reel, so go ahead and break out your popcorn when you watch his game tape. This young man on film has a style of play that resembles Baylor great, Shawn Oakman. He’s so dominant, he looks like a man amongst boys. His style of play is so gritty and tough, any team would love to have him wear its colors. He’s as quick as a wink, has the balance of a dancer in a Russian ballet, and is as agile as Michael Phelps in a swimming pool.  In some instances, they like to use him as a quarterback in a similar formation package Tim Tebow was used in while playing for the University of Florida and it works practically the same way. Miller can even effectively jump pass! When I watched his tape, I couldn’t tell if he was supposed to be playing quarterback or defensive tackle because the jack of all trades can do it all!



Number 2 overall player for the 2018 class Eyabi Anoma holds up four fingers in the fourth quarter of a game. He is still a recruit on the Alabama radar. Courtesy of Eyabi Anoma’s Twitter page.


Ty Pulliam is a recruting analyst and writer for Tuscaloosa Alabama Magazine and is a graduate of the University of Alabama. You can follow him and articles like these on his twitter: @TDAlabamamagTy


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