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For Alabama Fans, Here Are Some Numbers of Interest

They say that you can make an argument for both sides of a particular issue by using statistics, but these numbers tell us a lot and here’s what they’re saying through the first four games…

Running down numbers is easier than running down Alabama players this year. (Photo-TDA Magazine)

For Alabama Fans, Here Are Some Numbers of Interest

By: Larry Burton

They say that you can make an argument for both sides of a particular issue by using statistics, but these numbers tell us a lot and here’s what they’re saying through the first four games…

Running Backs

Name                  Total Yards                    Yards Per Carry

Jalen Hurts            360                                   8

Damien Harris        309                                  8.13

Bo Scarbrough        221                                 5.02

Najee Harris            156                                 5.20

Brian Robinson Jr.     51                                 10.02

Ronnie Clark             48                                  4.80

Josh Jacobs               34                                 6.80

Tua Tagovailoa          22                                 5.20

Calvin Ridley             17                                  8.50

Total                         1213                               6.52

What this means –

Damien Harris is still the man. He is the first string workhorse he was all last season. He is the guy who racks up the most yards per carry over the rest as he did last season and yet he still doesn’t get the hype and air time talk that Bo Scarbrough gets. While it’s nice to have Bo as a quality backup, can the media finally get behind singing the great work of the man who’s been the real master at running back now for a year and a third?


Name Yr Pos G Att Comp Pct. Yards Yards/Att TD Int Rating Att/G Yards/G
1  Hurts SO QB 4 70 45 64.3 550 7.9 4 0 149.15 17.5 137.5
2 Tagovailoa


FR QB 3 23 15 65.2 167 7.3 3 0 169.25 7.7 55.7

What this means –

It’s great to have a quality backup, but when you figure in the running yards per attempt, anybody that says Tua should start over Hurts has no logic or understanding of football. Jalen Hurts is the man at quarterback.

Receiving –

Name Yr Pos G Rec. Yards Avg. TD Rec./G Yards/G
1 Calvin Ridley JR WR 4 20 262 13.10 2 5.0 65.5
2 Jerry Jeudy FR WR 4 4 76 19.00 1 1.0 19.0
3 Robert Foster SR WR 4 4 70 17.50 1 1.0 17.5
4 Bo Scarbrough JR RB 4 7 57 8.14 0 1.8 14.3
5 DeVonta Smith FR WR 4 2 51 25.50 1 0.5 12.8
6 Cam Sims SR WR 4 5 46 9.20 0 1.3 11.5
7 Damien Harris JR RB 4 5 38 7.60 0 1.3 9.5
8 Xavian Marks JR WR 2 1 24 24.00 0 0.5 12.0
9 Hale Hentges JR TE 4 1 23 23.00 1 0.3 5.8
10 Irv Smith Jr. SO TE 4 4 21 5.25 0 1.0 5.3
11 Henry Ruggs III FR WR 4 1 16 16.00 1 0.3 4.0
12 Najee Harris FR RB 4 3 13 4.33 0 0.8 3.3
13 Miller Forristall SO TE 3 1 12 12.00 0 0.3 4.0
14 Major Tennison FR TE 1 1 9 9.00 0 1.0 9.0
15 Jalen Hurts SO QB 4 1 -1 -1.00 0 0.3 -0.3
Total 4 60 717 11.95 7 15.0 179.3

What this means –

What this means is HOLY COW! Is this team deep at receiver? Just throw it to anybody! When a whole team averages almost 12 yards a catch, just throw the darn thing and complete it. This team is absolutely full of running backs, tight ends and receivers who can catch the ball and know what to do with it once they’ve caught it.

What all this means as a whole –

Here’s another HOLY COW! moment. You have two quarterbacks averaging about 65% completion ratios and when they complete a pass it goes for an average of almost 12 yards, a first down on most any chart. But if that weren’t enough, they could just hand off twice in a series and gain another 13 yards in those two runs on average.

This is an offensive juggernaut that is just now coming together and getting into a rhythm. Once it really gets clicking is there anyone who can stop it?

Keep in mind they accumulated these stats against two teams of the four they’ve played so far that were national leaders in total defense. So it hasn’t been all against cremepuff competition by any stretch of the imagination.

And if that weren’t enough, combine that to a nationally leading defense only allowing an average of 10 points a game. And that was while they were working through major injuries at linebacker and breaking in replacements. This too is a defense in a state of progress and God help the teams they play once they too get to be a well oiled soul stomping unit.

This is a team doing almost everything right and still just showing glimpses of what they’re evolving into. They are the best team in the nation and only getting better, more cohesive and more confident. Folks, this could be a team that could play in the NFL at season’s end. Yes, that’s been said before, but watching this team grow, this could be the team that actually could.

After all, the numbers don’t lie do they?

Larry has been published in almost every media outlet for college sports and now primarily writes here for Touchdown Alabama. Follow Larry on Twitter for inside thoughts and game time comments at https://twitter.com/LBSportswriter


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