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Alabama’s 2019 o-line class has a chance to be a great one

Justin Smith-Touchdown Alabama Magazine

Alabama’s offensive line showed just how dominant they can be on Saturday versus the LSU Tigers.

This dominance has a chance to continue with the amount of talent the Tide has a chance of bringing in next season.

The Tide’s 2019 offensive line class currently consist of 5-Star offensive tackle, Pierce Quick, and 4-Star recruits: Amari Kight, Tanner Bowles, and Darrian Dalcourt. This group of guys is pretty impressive. Kight and Quick are tackles that could come in and make immediate impacts. Bowles and Dalcourt recruits that will most likely lineup as guards and are very mobile.

The Tide is far from finished with their offensive line class. They have room for possibly two or more commits and they have their eyes on the prize as they still remain in the mix for multiple 5-Star guys. Clay Webb, Evan Neal, and Darnell Wright are all on the Tide’s radar. They are also all 5-Star recruits and are included in our 2019 Most Wanted Recruits list.

2019 Most Wanted Recruits

Kamaar Bell is another guy to keep an eye on.

With the amount of talent that is still on the board combined with the talent Alabama has verbally committed, the debate of whether this could be the best offensive line Saban has ever pulled in is rising to the forefront. The number of offensive linemen Alabama pulled in per class has been steady for the last nine years. The Tide would land from 3 to 5 offensive lineman in each class from 2010 to 2017. They only pulled in two in their 2018 recruiting class.

Alabama’s largest offensive line class was in 2009 when they pulled in six. This class was highlighted by D.J. Fluker and Chance Womack.

Throughout, Saban’s tenure at Alabama, the Tide has won many games, hoisted the national championship up four times, and had two Heisman winners, but they have never landed multiple 5-Star offensive linemen. To many, landing 5-Star recruits may not seem too important considering the Tide has turned 3-Star and 4-Star guys into megastars. That is true, but the Tide has also had great success at helping 5-Star guys reach their full potential and blossom into NFL stars.

This 2019 offensive line class has the chance to add possibly three 5-Star guys, that could come in and contribute in a possible starting role or serve as a reliable back up.

Rankings and stars are fun to look at it and often gives football fans a snapshot at what a recruit could possibly do, but the only way this class can claim the title as the best Saban has ever pulled in is by proving it on the gridiron.

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