Alabama Football Contests

Contest: If you were Alabama’s head coach, what would be your game plan against LSU?

Cedric Mason-Touchdown Alabama

Touchdown Alabama is excited to bring Alabama fans an exciting contest, where Tide fans will have the opportunity to game plan against LSU using footage from both the Tigers and the Tide.

The contest is put on by WePlayed, an innovative and social media platform, where college sports fans can create moments from their favorite schools’ games.

Description: Who is going to win the game of the year? If you were the coach, what plays would you call? Which players would you rely on to make the difference in the LSU – Alabama game? Is Tua Tagovoiloa going to outplay Joe Borrow? Which defense is better and why? Create moments to prove why either team will win.


  • $500 for the top curator

  • $250 for runner up

  • And two $100 prizes randomly select from the rest


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