Mike McCoy on Alabama’s 2021 defense: “Them boys gotta challenge each other.”

Last week, Alabama’s defense got its fire from an unlikely source.

Mike McCoy, a former Crimson Tide wide receiver, challenged the group via In My Own Words. The 2009 BCS National Champion told Stephen Smith of Touchdown Alabama Magazine he did not see any energy or effort from this group.

He wants to see passion come from more players than Will Anderson Jr. Alabama responded with a 49-9 rout of Mississippi State, and its defense forced seven sacks, nine tackles for loss, and three interceptions.

McCoy returned to the show on Wednesday with a different message. This time, he wants to see players ‘challenge each other’ more.

“The talent is there,” McCoy said.

“I don’t think Alabama has an identity yet. The only guy that has answered the leadership call and put the team on his back was Steel Will [Will Anderson] last week. The guy played relentlessly. Why do we not see this every week? My biggest question for the defense is why do you guys have to lose to get pissed off? Are you that high on your horse that you don’t take these teams seriously? We do have guys out of position, but why? Where’s the discipline? Where’s the accountability? Those are my questions. Back then, the coaches didn’t have to say anything. It was culture.”

McCoy said he was happy with the performance, but he won’t be impressed until it becomes consistent.

The Tide will host Tennessee on Saturday at Bryant-Denny Stadium for homecoming.

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