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Alabama Football: Could the Worst Case Scenario for the Rest of the Country Happen to Alabama?

For most fans across the country, a repeat of this scene would be the worst case scenario for college football

Alabama Football: Could the Worst Case Scenario for the Rest of the Country Happen to Alabama?

By: Larry Burton


For Alabama fans, playing in yet another BCS Championship Game, this year in Miami, would be a glorious thing. And the rest of the football world may yawn and say they’re ready for someone else to enter the fray.

But if LSU should wind up in that game with them, the rest of the world would groan and say things like “I’m so sick of this.”  Conspiracy nuts would believe that Mike Slive is controlling the college football world, some would say that the media is conspiring these matches and yet others would say that the SEC never plays anyone great and the whole thing is rigged.

Only three games into the season, it’s easy to see that some teams were vastly overrated, that teams the media wanted so desperately to be one of the best of the rest, couldn’t in fact measure up. Look at how easily USC was dispatched by Stanford, a team that came into the game rated outside the top 20. People in the SEC laughed at the notion that USC belonged at number one in the preseason, that they would wind up victorious in the BCS Championship Game, or that a team so thin with quality reserves, could survive a season unscathed.

Perhaps Stanford did them a favor by sparring them the embarrassment that either LSU or Alabama would have put on them. Could you say Michigan repeat?

But the simple truth is something that no one outside the SEC really wants to face.

There is Alabama and LSU and then there are the rest of the college football teams. Quite frankly, these two teams are once again, the best two teams in college football. They are now, they will after this weekend, they will be at the end of the season. Though one must lose to the other this season, there is still no mistaking the simple fact that even with one loss, the loser of that game is still head and shoulders better than anyone else who is even undefeated.

The media will go to great lengths to convince the rest of the world that this is something that isn’t true.

Given the low ratings of Alabama – LSU take two last season, the media cringes at the thought of yet another repeat of last season.

Ratings would bottom out to an all time low, the NCAA would consider passing a new “Only conference winners” rule for the BCS and other measures would be taken to prevent this match-up from ever happening again.

Of course LSU would be only too happy to be in the game again, be they the winner or loser of the first game and Alabama fans would already be going out and looking for T-shirts that say “Got 15?”

And that’s why everyone will try so hard this year to make sure this doesn’t happen.

If you honestly think that forces would not conspire to keep the number one and two teams from playing in a championship, you are mistaken.

When in doubt, follow the money.

A repeat match-up would hurt the money flow. TV revenues drive college football now. They are the reason that conferences expanded the way they did. TV money is why Nick Saban and Mack Brown make six million plus a year.

And you don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

No, the world is not interested in seeing the two best teams play in a championship game, they are only interested in making sure it’s not Alabama playing LSU again this year.

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