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Larry's Losers in the SEC – Next to Last Weekend

Larry’s Losers in the SEC – Next to Last Weekend

By: Larry Burton

Well sports fans, here it is, the next to last week of the season. Can you believe how fast this year has flown by? This was a year ripe with upsets and last week was no exception.

Everything went well last week except for the Alabama loss. We thought they got a wake up call from LSU but obviously the bell wasn’t loud enough for the Alabama offense who blew the game with fumbles, interceptions and too many blown chances. So now if the SEC is to have another championship, they’re going to have to have a little luck and a lot of help to have someone knock off either Oregon or Kansas State an SEC Champion may could jump Notre Dame, who plays one less game.

But those are ducks to line up on another day, let’s just get to this week’s picks and see if we can keep the hot streak going.


Arkansas at Mississippi State – Here’s an 11:21 kickoff time (CST), and the Hogs drive South to try and salvage a little pride by knocking of one of the SEC West’s bigger names. And while that won’t save John L. Smith’s job, it could make the departing seniors leave on a little higher note.

But Dan’s Doggies aren’t about to let a bunch of swine come into their dog pound and take anything away from them. With their eyes on a big bowl game prize, these Bulldogs are going to be foaming at the mouth come game day.

Though it could be a real goodie, we look for the dogs to come out on top of this tussle.

Larry’s loser – Arkansas

The Dogs won’t to kindly to a bunch of Pigs trying to eat their food at in their Dog pound.


Western Carolina at Alabama – Another 11:21 kickoff, this is just what the doctor ordered for a Crimson crew that’s crazy of the last two weeks of misery they’ve suffered.

While the Catamounts get a big paycheck from the pachyderm pummeling they’ll participate in, the Tide will get some rest before ending the season and Gene Chizik’s career at Auburn.

Maybe the Tide can give McCarron the week off to recover and perhaps get himself together after last week’s let down. They’ll need him after the Auburn game.

Larry’s loser – Western Carolina

Bama won’t be polite hosts this weekend, even before kickoff.

Jacksonville State at Florida –  A noontime kickoff, the Gators get a week of rest like the Crimson Tide as these reptiles get to munch on a kinder / gentler type of Gamecocks.

Will Muschamp’s chompers have had a good run so far this season and if they hadn’t let the Bulldogs from up Georgia way mess up their season with that single loss, they would be playing Alabama for all the marbles at the SEC showdown in Hotlanta.

Look for the Gators to gobble up the Gamecocks and make quick work of these fine feathered footballers from up Alabama way.

Larry’s loser – Jacksonville State

The Gators won’t leave the Gamecocks with much pride after this game.

Wofford at South Carolina – This is the other noontime kickoff and is yet another of the David vs Goliath games this weekend, but unlike original, expect Goliath to step on and crush the smaller out manned teams.

The Old Ball Coach wants at least another ten win season at South Carolina and he’ll need this win and one over Clemson to make those dreams come true. It will be the first time ever a Gamecock gang has made it back to back ten wins or better in two seasons in a row.

Both Bacardi and I feel like this is something that’s going to happen and the Gamecocks will get a Dandy bowl game out of it.

Larry’s loser – Wofford

The Gamecock fans want a little more respect for chickens everywhere!

Georgia Southern at Georgia – At 12:30, Jeff Monken flies his Eagles into Sanford Stadium, but if they thought about nesting in the hedges there, they’ll have another thing coming.

Mark’s Mutts have the SEC championship in their sights, but they aren’t about to let these little Georgia step brothers come in and make them look bad before that big date in front of the home fans in the Georgia Dome.

This week is just about as bad as one of the creme puff opening weekends of the season and the Bulldogs won’t mind this cakewalk then a date with a nest of Yellow Jackets that don’t sting as bad this year as in the past. They should be rested up for their date with Alabama.

Larry’s loser – Georgia Southern

The Bulldogs will laugh their tails off over this opponent.

Alabama A&M at Auburn – At 1:00pm Gene Chizik takes the field and will win his last game as the Auburn head coach. That will answer the question, “How long will a national championship buy you as a head coach?” The answer is not quite two years.

Now this might seem like another cake walk game, but the Alabama A&M boys have won seven games, over twice the number Auburn Auburn will muster up this season.

With Auburn being as pitiful as they are this season, don’t be surprised if they just roll over and play dead now that the cat’s out of the bag about their coach being bagged, but they should prevail over this bunch of Jaguars.

Larry’s losers – Alabama A&M

Yes, it’s crying time time again for Auburn, but they should at least win this game.

Ole Miss at LSU – At 2:30 pm, the Rebels start the invasion of Death Valley and they’re hoping to catch these Kitties overlooking what has become over the season, a dangerous little band of football players.

But Les Miles ain’t about to let these rascal Rebels come in and upset his season and big time bowl day plans.

Bacardi warned me that this could be a trap game for LSU, but we both agree that creme rises to the top and LSU should win this game. But if I was a Bengal backer, I’d wonder in my team was all that good and Ole Miss was really all that bad.

Larry’s losers – Ole Miss

This could be an interesting game between two old foes.

Sam Houston State at Texas A&M – Another 2:30 game that nobody but Aggie fans care about is the last of the creme puff games that seem to be so prevalent this weekend.

Sam Houston is going to roll over in his grave after seeing how his namesakes are going to lie down and play dead in front of a huge Texas crowd.

So skip this game and watch something more entertaining, like the documentary on getting rid of the mosquitoes in the lower Mississippi, I think that’s on the Discovery channel.

Larry’s losers – Sam Houston State

These Aggies start raising them right at an early age.

Tennessee at Vanderbilt – 6:00pm is the kickoff of the “Battle of Tennessee” and this year the Volunteers could be seeing the beginning of a trend, where Vanderbilt continues to own the Vols.

Derrek Dooley is fighting for his job and he really needs to get this win to try and salvage his career in Hardknocksville.

But rising star coach James Franklin knows this is another good recruiting tool if he can tell high school athletes that he owns the state of Tennessee and with a better bowl game on the line to boot, there’s just too much on the table for him to feel any sympathy for their poor cousins.

Larry’s loser – Tennessee

The Volunteers will take on anybody anywhere!


Samford at Kentucky – Saturday night at 6:30pm sees Joker Phillips coach his last game at Kentucky’s Commonwealth Stadium and it’s going to be nice that he goes out a winner.

It’s not that he’s not a great man and a darn nice one to boot, he’s just not head coaching material at this level yet, so that’s why Bacardi and I are both glad to see him walk off that home turf for the last time as a winner.

It’s not that Samford is bad, they’re just a Mini Me version of a real college team. But given how bad Kentucky is, it could still be closer than it should be.

Larry’s loser – Samford

The Mildcats ain’t struck fear in anybody’s heart this year.

Well folks, next week, it’s the end of the regular season already. Where has the time gone?

If the SEC is going to put up another champion, you’re going to have to have to hold your nose with one hand and put the other over your mouth to keep from throwing up and cheer for those Southern California variety of Trojans to knock off Notre Dumb and make those Ducks out West Oregone with the wind.

Ain’t it funny how Lame Kiffin could finally wind up being a hero in the SEC after all?

Well, it’s time to sit back, pop the pop corn and get the Cokes cold. The next two weekends should be a couple of goodies and it’s make or break time for many teams.

Bacardi and I both hope this weekend and your favorite team comes out on the other side of the losers list. Till next weekend, we’re out of here!


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