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What are They Thinking? Experts See Tide Upset

Things like this make you wonder, “What are they thinking”?

What are They Thinking? Experts See Tide Upset

By Larry Burton

Here it is a bright crisp Autumn morning, the birds are singing, leaves are falling, the Tide is ranked number one, going into a game with a team they have one of the most lopsided records against and the experts are calling for an upset.

Say what?

Yes, experts at many of the nation’s leading sports media outlets are picking the upset. Sports Illustrated and some folks at ESPN are all picking this as the upset game of the weekend.

Nick Saban must be so happy he’s considering cartwheels. For a team that’s played under their potential for much of the season, what better way to light a fire in the stomachs of his men.

But seriously, what are these so called experts seeing? Ole Miss’ defense couldn’t hold a fart in a crowded room of nuns, they have trouble turning the water off at the sink after washing their hands, they have to put two brake pedals in their car so they can stop at a stop sign. If you thought Alabama put a lot of points up on Texas A&M, if they play to their potential, they could score 60 in this game.

And they really see the Ole Miss offense keeping pace? I mean really? Yes Bo Wallace is good, but he’s no Johnny Manziel. Yes they have a better rushing attack, but again, it’s no Johnny Manziel type rushing attack. Yes, they have big, good and talented receivers, but can Wallace find them running for his life?

This will be a game that is not determined by what Alabama will do. They will score and I mean score a lot, score often, they’ll pass for scores and rush it down the throat of the Rebel defense at will. The game will be determined by how well Ole Miss faces up to having sand kicked in their face and seeing the game slipping away from them. Will they react as a good team or panic?

Like Saban, personally I’m glad to see so many so called experts go out on a limb like this. I think it will motivate the Tide even more, but for someone in my profession, I’m glad because it will build credibility for some while stripping it from others.

Even after taking off my usual Crimson colored glasses I’m still seeing a double digit lead. The only thing I have doubts about is whether the Alabama will lift their foot off the gas pedal as they usually do once they build up a lead. But that’s why we watch them, we all watch for different things and with different agendas.

But I think it will be a game worth watching for any fan of college football and as to who is right, just start watching at 5:00pm central time and find out for yourself.

Larry is an award winning writer whose work has appeared in almost every college football venue. Now he primarily writes for Touchdown Alabama Magazine. https://twitter.com/LBSportswriter

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