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Alabama Running Back Tyren Jones Dismissed From Team

There’s nothing left to do but wave goodbye and hope he’s learned an important lesson as Tyren Jones is dismissed from Alabama’s team.

Alabama Running Back Tyren Jones Dismissed From Team

By: Larry Burton

It didn’t take long for Nick Saban to decide that Tyren Jones had worn out both his welcome and all his chances to stay on this Alabama Football team after being arrested for marijuana possession while already being on suspension.

In a statement made today for the press Saban said, “”Tyren Jones was indefinitely suspended from the football program early in the semester. He was given an opportunity academically and from a team rules standpoint, but he failed to do any of the things necessary to comply with the rules of the Alabama football program. He was dismissed from the team when he refused to follow the parameters given to him for reinstatement.”

This has been a rough week for Saban who has had to defend his belief in giving players a second chance. And having three incidents so close together, coupled with an almost confrontational press conference on Monday made this a week that Saban will be glad to get behind him.

And you could be sure that it’s one that the players will be glad to get behind them too. I’m sure that all these problems have brought talks from coaches, parents and friends. Both players and coaches will be glad to get all this behind them, stop focusing on problem people and start focusing on fundamentals and football again.

For Jones, life is a lot less certain. Although Jones has been dismissed from the team, it is unclear if he will remain in Tuscaloosa or move on to another location to get both his life and football career back in order, but you wouldn’t expect Jones to remain in town much longer.

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