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Why Isn’t Saban’s “Process” Being Bought Into? Tyren Jones Arrested Today

Tyren Jones not likely to run footballs this season as his arrest marks his third strike.

Why Isn’t Saban’s “Process” Being Bought Into? Tyren Jones Arrested Today

By: Larry Burton

Tyren Jones was already suspended from the Alabama football team for  “conduct not to the standard of the Alabama football program” according to head coach Nick Saban when he issued a statement on Jones suspension in February. But today he was arrested when a car he was traveling in was stopped and the officer noticed a distinct smell of marijuana. Jones was found to have a small amount of pot in his pocket and was arrested on a second degree possession of marijuana.

He has been released on a 1000 bond. There were three other people in the vehicle, two were not charged, but according to Tuscaloosa police, the owner of the car, Lee Hansberry, was also arrested. In addition to marijuana, they also found digital scales that usually mean pot had been weighed and sold.

Jones was already firmly in the doghouse, he had not practiced with the team since this spring since his suspension and now his actions will call into reasoning that this is a young man who has clearly not learned his lesson.

With this, the third arrest in four days, the questions looming now becomes, why isn’t Saban’s process being bought into by the players? Has Saban lost control of this team? Does a firmer approach need to be in place? Only time will answer these questions, but one thing is for sure, Alabama haters will have a field day with the continuing bad news coming out of Tuscaloosa.

While Saban has the say of the punishment being dealt out in most areas, the university itself has rules that govern what is and isn’t permissible conduct for students.

Many thought Jones would be a third or fourth string running back this season, but would be a sure star in the future. He was a four-star prospect and U.S. Army All-American in Marietta, Georgia while in high school and in sparse playing time last season after redshirting in 2013, rushed for 224 yards on 36 carries for a very respectable 6.22 yards a carry.

Besides being suspended in February, he was suspended for a week during last season, just before the LSU game. Expect this to be Jones third and final strike as it is expected that Saban will firmly put his foot down on Jones. Not because he needs to set an example, after all, this is Jones third strike, but it sure won’t hurt for this team to see another locker cleared out and name removed from a locker to remind them that playing football at Alabama is a privilege. More news will come later. Come back to Touchdown Alabama for all the updates.

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