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Nick Saban making defensive adjustments heading into Ole Miss game

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According to credible sources, Nick Saban is not taking Lane Kiffin lightly coming into Alabama's matchup with Ole Miss this weekend. While Kiffin is throwing friendly jabs about Saban being elderly, the six-time national champion knows Kiffin is more than capable of exploiting even the smallest weakness in a defense.

With much rain expected in the forecast, Saban wants a complete game effort from his defense. Listed below is what I have been told on what has occurred in practice.


Inside notes on Alabama this week 

-As talented as Daniel Wright is, his inconsistency in tackling and in coverage has Saban frustrated. Alabama has been working Brian Branch, a true freshman, at free safety -- opposite Jordan Battle.

-Branch, a four-star, was a highlight safety in high school.

-The Crimson Tide also has a package with Malachi Moore at free safety and Branch at star in nickel. When it comes to the dime look, a combination of Branch (free safety), Moore (Star) and DeMarcco Hellams (Money) are all on the field. 

-I was told, don't be surprised if Branch gets the start at free safety.

-Kiffin looks to attack the secondary, especially the tackling abilities and lateral quickness of the group in the rain. Alabama must be able to wrap up and limit explosive players.

-When it comes to the defensive line, the Tide will rotate DJ Dale, Christian Barmore, Phidarian Mathis and Byron Young at defensive tackle. Coach Saban wants pressure on the pocket at all times. All four players provide that aspect and Young, in particular, flashed some Quinnen Williams-like quickness in the 52-24 win over Texas A&M.

-In the practice video from Wednesday, Alabama had Barmore, LaBryan Ray and William Anderson in the dime rabbits package. The fourth player involved was Drew Sanders, and Saban wants this to keep all focus on John Rhys Plumlee of Ole Miss.

-Plumlee torched Alabama last season for 250 total yards (141 passing, 109 rushing) and three touchdowns, despite the Tide earning a 59-31 win at home.

-Even with the improvement of Matt Corral as a passer, Kiffin wants to use Plumlee's speed on the perimeter and set up some run-pass option looks. Having enough speed on the field to contain him as well as affect Corral's abilities is what Saban is going for.

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CNS showing toughness on poor tackling is big...weve got to get back to making life miserable for opponents.   Make them quit and completely hate playing the Tide.   CNS,CGS,PBB knew the drill and instilled it in the players.

we seem to have lost it the last couple years  Ole Miss is a big game for the Tide...lets get a bunch of “bingos” & put-em in the dirt then help-em up ! RTR


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This is a big game for Alabama and it kind of has a trap game feel to it.

Cannot take Kiffin and Ole Miss lightly.


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