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Could Weakened SEC Teams and Cremepuffs Hurt Alabama in the BCS?

Could Weakened SEC Teams and Creme Puffs Hurt Alabama in the BCS?

By: Larry Burton


When you looked at Alabama’s schedule at the start of the season, it was a certainty that the all the Tide had to do was just win out and another trip to the BCS Championship Game was inevitable.

After all, they would have to beat  top ten teams like Michigan, Arkansas and LSU as well as a top twenty teams like Auburn, Mississippi State, not to mention a top ten team from the SEC East.

But all that has changed.

When you put strength of schedules head to head, the creme puffs Alabama played like Western Kentucky, Florida Atlantic and Western Carolina of course will hurt, but what was unforeseen at the beginning of the schedule was that Auburn, Arkansas and Ole Miss may wind up in the creme puff category as well.

That’s going to hurt when you put the head to head strength of schedules Notre Dame, West Virginia and Oregon are playing.

Is it possible that an undefeated SEC Champion could be left out of the BCS game? You have to at least consider that it is a possibility.

Should the SEC East Champion come in as a one or two loss team, that could further fan this flame of strength of schedule.

The fact that Alabama may wind up playing less teams ranked in the top 20 is a reality that must be considered. Their saving grace may be that if undefeated, Notre Dame will suffer from not having played in a conference championship.

With SEC fatigue and the country’s constant desire for something new and exciting, it’s clear that Alabama won’t get a lot of support in the national media.

So far, this been a season with lots of upsets and that can be thought to continue as the season works its way to the end. But if there are three or more undefeated teams, expect much of these arguments to come to the front burner on the national media scene.

After all, we in the press need something to cause people to talk about.

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