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The Good, The Bad, The Stupid From the Alabama – LSU Game

There was a lot good, a little bad and some stupid in this last game. (Photo by DoeMaster)

The Good, The Bad, The Stupid From the Alabama – LSU Game

By: Larry Burton

If you were an LSU, Alabama or just college football fan, there were good, bad and stupid things to see in Saturday’s 38-17 win by the Crimson Tide of Alabama. Here they are with brief explanations of why they made the list:

The Good

1. The Outcome – At least if you’re an Alabama fan, the outcome was almost better than most had hoped. While Alabama was favored by as much as 21 by Las Vegas, that line had moved back down by game time.  Still few expected the game to be the blowout win that it was.

2. Lack of Injuries – Everyone knew this would be a physical game, but no one in Crimson sustained any injury that would keep them from playing at full strength next week.

3.  The Offense – Maybe AJ McCarron needs to drink a pint of transmission fluid before each game, because he’s slow to get in gear early in most every game, but once he does, he’s almost flawless. The running game was hitting on all cylinders and the offensive line were begging for more running plays in the huddle as they simply dominated the LSU defensive front, especially in the second half. Overall, putting up 38 points on LSU is something only one other team has done.

4. The Defense – For forcing key turnovers that could have changed the outcome of the game and yes that bad snap was caused by the defense changing at the line and Mettenberg realizing he had the wrong play called. For holding LSU without a touchdown in the second half. But the biggest thing is for shutting down the running run more completely than any team has been able to do against LSU all year.

5. The Game Plan – Kudos to all the coaches who helped develop what was a great game plan and for key adjustments at halftime that made it an entirely different game.

6. Lack of Penalties – for both sides of the ball, although there were four, they didn’t come at bad times or kill drives.

7. Cody Mandell – Mr. Consistent boomed punts that made punt returns all but impossible, great hang time. This was more important than most people realize with LSU’s deadly return men.

8. The People on the Good List –

AJ McCarron – Nothing fancy, just all the right reads all day long and making it look so easy

OJ Howard – Who now gives defensive coordinators one more reason to become alcoholic. Tight ends aren’t supposed to be able run away from corner backs.

TJ Yeldon and Kenyan Drake – Who had fantastic yards after contact and ate up both yardage and game clock at will.

Tana Patrick – Had the play of the game early by stripping J.C. Copeland at the goal line in the first quarter when LSU could have built not only a big lead but momentum. The strip deflated both the score and LSU’s hopes.
Landon Collins – Was confused on play that allowed an LSU touchdown catch, but for a freshman playing against his childhood dream team, he stepped up and had a great game.
Cade Foster – Just quietly keeps doing everything you’d hope can do. Is easily taken for granted this year at kicker.
CJ Mosley – Put on a clinic of how to always be in the right place at the right time for linebackers.

The Bad

1. Kickoff Coverage – Just when you thought the Tide had licked this problem, Odell Beckham Jr. makes them look like keystone cops chasing a burglar. Vinnie Sunseri, we miss you!
2. C.J. Mosely – The only person to make both lists. We’re sending him a copy of  “Catching Passes for Dummies” book and hope he reads it. Three chances – zero interceptions.
3. Slow Starts – The defense couldn’t stop LSU on third down worth a darn early on and offensively, Alabama couldn’t buy a third down conversion for most of the first half.

The Stupid

1. Les Miles – a. One had to wonder why he gave up on the running game so soon.
              b. Did anyone else notice there were no halftime adjustments made by the LSU Tigers?
              c. Leaving Mettenberger in the game to be meat for the slaughter in the last few minutes. Why would Les not
                   try and save his quarterback for another day? Mettenberger is the LSU offense, without him they could lose
                   a few more this year. Did he really think Zach could score three TD’s in the last two minutes?
2. The Referees – The penalty against Kevin Norwood was not a late hit, it was definition of “Targeting” yet it wasn’t called. Such calls as this only makes that whole penalty more confusing to both the players and the fans in how it is so randomly called by officials.
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