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Nick Saban feels sorry for people who walk into a wall while texting on their phone

Nick Saban is not the biggest fan of social media as the six-time National Championship winning coach has expressed constantly, he has no interest in joining any social media platform in the future.

Since social media is becoming more and more intertwined with college football recruiting, Saban was asked a question about his social media future at Wednesday’s National Signing Day press conference. The veteran coach’s response was one of a compassionate nature.

“Look, there is obviously a generation gap between the two of us,” Saban said. “The way I grow up communicating was talking. When I pumped gas at my dad’s gas station, I would say can I help you, please? I did not text and ask. To me, I kind of feel sorry for people, who I see walking around looking at their phone, running into the wall, not even knowing someone is getting shot right across the street.”

This question was ask to Saban because former Alabama offensive coordinator, Lane Kiffin, complemented Saban’s face to face and talking recruiting style.


Although Saban is not active on social media, multiple members of Alabama’s coaching staff are. They use the platform to discover talent and keep up with guys they are recruiting. Saban sees no problem with his recruiting method and the Tide’s success on the recruiting trail shows no signs of why he should change his approach.

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