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Gold vs. Crystal: Did the committee make a mistake?

Since 1992, a crystal ball served as the lust and affection of college football. It represented class, elegance and the mark of a champion. 22 programs hoisted a coveted crystal ball during the era of the Bowl Championship Series (1998-13) and its predecessors, Bowl Coalition (1992-94) and Bowl Alliance (1995-97).

Change is good, but should we leave tradition behind? 2014 unveils more than a new playoff system; it also reveals the award given to a new champion.  The successor to the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Trophy will be the College Football Playoff Trophy.

According to SB Nation, the playoff trophy was created by Pentagram, a legendary international design consultancy. The trophy was then commissioned and handcrafted by Polich Tallix in Rock Tavern, New York. The design of the trophy includes a focused football at the center of the base that rises to form an actual-size ball.

The playoff’s trophy weighs approximately 65 pounds and was made from 24-karat gold, bronze and stainless steel. Despite its Internet buzz, the college football playoff trophy resembles a high school football/regular bowl game trophy. If one was to remove its golden feature, the playoff trophy would look live the BBVA Compass Bowl Trophy.

A new chapter may call for bigger dreams, but the quality shouldn’t be diminished. The NCAA was shooting for a trophy that holds football standards with a sleek design. The coaches’ trophy had it. With its football shaped prism, the coaches’ trophy weighed 45 pounds and was 34 inches tall. It was created at Waterford Crystal (Waterford, Ireland) and took nearly three months to complete.

People were raised on tradition and the crystal ball exuded the tradition of greatness. From Alabama to Florida State, fans of power five conference schools witnessed their program kiss the crystal ball in excitement.  As we enter a new era, let’s look back on the programs that captured a crystal ball in BCS era.

Boal Coalition: National Championship Teams

1992: Alabama Crimson Tide

1993: Florida State Seminoles

1994: Nebraska Cornhuskers

Bowl Alliance: National Championship Teams

1995: Nebraska Cornhuskers

1996: Florida Gators

1997: Michigan Wolverines

Bowl Championship Series: National Championship Teams

1998: Tennessee Volunteers

1999: Florida State Seminoles

2000: Oklahoma Sooners

2001: Miami Hurricanes

2002: Ohio State Buckeyes

2003: LSU Tigers/USC Trojans (Split)

2004: USC Trojans (AP Champion)

2005: Texas Longhorns

2006: Florida Gators

2007: LSU Tigers

2008: Florida Gators

2009: Alabama Crimson Tide

2010: Auburn Tigers

2011: Alabama Crimson Tide

2012: Alabama Crimson Tide

2013: Florida State Seminoles

Who knows what the future holds? The new playoff’s trophy could be a good investment, but it will be difficult for fans to get acquainted with not seeing a crystal ball.  Seasons change and time moves forward, but would you rather have a crystal ball or the playoff trophy?


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