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Larry’s Losers in the SEC – SEC Championship Edition

Looks like another Alabama championship season, but you don't tame a Tiger with guesses. 

Larry’s Losers in the SEC –  SEC Championship Edition

By: Larry Burton

Well folks, what a year it was! The upset bug did more biting that a city full of zombies on “Walking Dead” this season and it sure put a damper on predictive powers this time around.

We finished the season a slight tick under our usual 90% + average, (depending on your definition of slight tick) and we didn’t get our preseason picks right as we, along with 99% of the entire media, went with South Carolina and we all know how that went. We figured Missouri to be OK and knew that Georgia would look a gift season in the mouth once again and trip over their own mediocrity. We did think Florida had potential to be a spoiler, but they just never got it going consistently.

But the west fell in line as history tells us Auburn just string two great seasons together and the Pug and I knew that Ole Miss and Mississippi State were due and LSU was reloading. About the only surprise was just how good the Hogs were. Even with that record they posted, it was clear to everyone that they were a better team than the record shows.

And now it’s come to the end of the road for the SEC vs SEC games, “The End of the Banter in Hotlanter”.

Alabama vs Missouri – Some say that Pinkel’s Pussycats should be parading into the party at the Georgia Dome, they say they aren’t the beast in the East and that other teams are tougher, but Bacardi and I think they won it fair and square. And they think they can play with anybody and they intend on shocking the world this weekend.

But Saban’s pack of Pachyderms didn’t pack up to dance in this dome with delight over what they’ve accomplished, but to pummel a pussycat and go forward to the next two  participants in the playoff party.

And just like we picked back in the spring, that’s just what will happen in this contest. Larry’s loser – Missouri

These Tigers leave with a bloody nose and a concussion after this pummeling by some pachyderms.

These Tigers leave with a bloody nose and a concussion after this pummeling by some pachyderms.

Next up is the bowl game bonanza which we’ll split in two for early games and late season losers. The pigskin pickin’ pooch and I will be communicating via skype for those as we’ll be vacationing in two different places over the next month, but we’ll be back together for the big games at the end.

Till then, enjoy the bowl game prep news and spend some quality time with your loved ones and pray your favorite teams that are still playing won’t be laying, an egg that is, on this losers list.

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