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Altee Tenpenny Didn’t Last Long at Second Chance School UNLV

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Altee Tenpenny's career at Alabama was not the only school where things didn't work out.

Altee Tenpenny Didn’t Last Long at Second Chance School UNLV

By Larry Burton

Apparently the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence after all. With things not working out at Alabama, Altee Tenpenny, a former four star recruit who was ranked as high as the number 7 running back recruit in the nation coming out of high school back in the 2013 recruiting class, Tenpenny decided to transfer to the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. There he hoped he could showcase his talent and land a starting job after sitting out the mandatory year that undergraduate transfers have to go through. It looked like he was be the big fish in a much smaller pond.

However, it didn’t work out that way.

Today, UNLV announced that Tenpenny had been dismissed from the team for breaking team rules. Mark Anderson tweeted the following:

dismisses running back Altee Tenpenny for breaking team rules. He had transferred from Alabama.

Like Saban, don’t expect much more of an explanation from the Running Rebels. We won’t know if the bright light of Vegas or some other distraction was the cause of Tenpenny’s failure to work out at his second chance school.

Tenpenny is from North Little Rock Arkansas and was heavily recruited by many schools including his home state Arkansas Razorback team. He was considered a big catch for Saban but Tenpenny found himself caught up in a numbers game and it was apparent he wasn’t going to get significant playing time anytime soon. Alabama also lost other running backs to disciplinary and other issues. In all three running backs were gone from the team that were thought to provide depth for this season.

It is unclear what Tenpenny will do at this point. He has been dismissed from the team, but not from the school, so he could continue his studies there this season and be ready to play at another school next season, or he could leave now and hope to catch on with another team and get in some valuable workouts until this season.

Tenpenny himself has been silent so far except for a re-tweeted a post earlier in the day that was:


I got a lot of ppl to prove wrong before I leave this earth and imma do it

The question is, will any other school be willing to give Tenpenny a third chance? That will be the question that will affect the life of this young man. UNLV was rated the worst team in the 128 team Division One by most rating services, so for Tenpenny, there’s still a chance to catch on with a better team.

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