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Under Rated & Over Looked: Dequindre Ward

Justin Smith-Touchdown Alabama Magazine

Underrated & Overlooked is a column designed to shine a spotlight on prospects that have the potential to play at the next level but do not have the lofty star ratings or the luxury of great exposure. The column will attempt to run once a week right here at

A natural leader, a creative play maker, and a game changer are all things that describe Dequindre Ward, but the thing about him that jumps out is his athleticism.

“He brings both athleticism and explosiveness to the table,” Ward’s head coach, Jammie Abraham said. “At the next level, he probably will not play quarterback, but he can be used as a great slot wide receiver.”

Ward’s leadership style is natural in every way. His teammates feeds off his energy.

“He is not a very outspoken leader,” Abraham added. “But he leads by example. Guys seem to gravitate to him for some reason.”

The R.C. Hatch-product has no offers at the moment, but could be a great addition to someone’s 2019 recruiting class. He has explosive speed and can cover ground very quickly. He has started at the quarterback position for three years now, which has allowed him to develop a great football I.Q. and a great understanding of all offensive positions.

His presence on the field can completely change a game as many of his opponents have to adjust to him being on the field as he is both a passing and running threat. At 5-feet-10-inches and 160 pounds, he could stand to put on a couple more pounds, but his pure athleticism is something that can not be ignored.

Athletes like ward usually can use their athleticism to make up for mental mistakes made by teammates. Ward is no stranger to this.

“Guys can be out of position and he can make up for it with his speed and knowledge,” Abraham said.

The 2019 recruiting class is filled with diamonds in the rough and Dequindre Ward is one of them. Someone will be getting an explosive and intelligent football player if they can swoop in and grab Ward.

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